A bucket list for Millennials

In the ever-expanding effort to understand the Millennial generation, college recruiters have a new resource. MTV is offering an unusual look into the minds and souls of four students making their way across America in a quest to complete a list of 100 things to do before they die.

“The Buried Life,” which debuted this week on MTV, has been called a bucket list for the four twentysomethings. But it is proving to be much more than that as the foursome is inspiring other young people to create their own list of things to accomplish.

Albion College’s Kevin Kropf was especially intrigued by the group’s response to a reporter’s question about other young people they’ve met, and how their generation sees the world. The Admission Director forwarded it to TargetX’s Jeff Kallay, a fan of Millennials and a national authority.

“We found that a lot of kids our age look up to our grandparents’ generation more than our parents’ generation,” said one of the group members. “I think a lot of people our age are craving something with meaning. And the more we look around, the more we see people finding it. Everyone’s stepping up in their own ways. It makes us think, ‘What are we as a generation going to do before we die?'”

“I find this quote so in line with the Millennial thought process and values,” says Kallay. “And it’s so in line with the whole generational flow identified by [authors] William Strauss and Neil Howe — that a civic generation takes on the behavior of the exiting elder generation.”

It’s a reminder that the Millennial generation is looking for something more than a good job after college and a fun experience while they’re there. They’re looking for meaning in their lives. Your recruiting communications should reflect that.

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