Author: Adrienne Hamson

XpertTip No. 162: 3 Steps to Better Email Campaigns

Email is still the backbone of most university communication plans. And whether you recruit undergraduate, graduate, adult or non-traditional students — this time of year is prime-time for prepping the messages that will go out to prospects this fall. In my work with clients, inevitably there are a few mistakes that surface as the most common when it comes to email.  Luckily though, they’re all pretty easy fixes.

XpertTip No. 161: High fashion, higher ed

Over breakfast this morning I took a rare opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading The New York Times (the actual ink-on-paper version). As expected, an article jumped out at me that made me think about higher ed — specifically the evolution of college websites.  Clearly I need a vacation;) It was called High Fashion Relents to Web’s Pull and details how fashion’s most established brands are reluctantly (and finally) being forced to change their websites.

XpertTip No. 160: A pretty sweet tip

Greetings from Hershey, PA! I’m here with my colleagues in the “sweetest place on earth” for this year’s PACAC conference. Admittedly, it’s pretty tough to concentrate with so many distractions — but I’ll try to ignore the smell of chocolate permeating every corner of this place and try and relate something of value for all of you today;) In my conversations with clients here last evening, I was particularly struck by how many people mentioned that this year’s class was a “late” one — late to visit, late to apply (and late to deposit).

XpertTip No. 159: Storytime continued…

Did you read the Recruitment Minute last Friday? In case you missed it, it was all about the power of storytelling and why it’s the most effective way to communicate what’s truly authentic about your school. To take it a step further, telling stories is a great way to stave off summer melt and keep prospects and their families engaged in the next few weeks.

XpertTip No. 158: "Flip the Funnel"

I spent last evening at my niece’s dance recital brainstorming what I’d like to share with all of you today (shh…don’t tell her;) My thoughts kept drifting to a presentation I’m currently working on called “Flip the Funnel:  Communications Strategies that Work from Branding Through Yield.” Now, those of you who know me will know this is quite a departure from my usual last-minute style of developing presentations (I won’t be giving this particular one until the EduWeb Conference at the end of July;) But I can’t stop thinking about it because, more than any other presentation I’ve given, this one represents much more of my own thoughts and philosophies on recruiting today.

XpertTip No. 157: 2 major trends

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas!  It’s about 110 in the shade here, but hey, it’s a dry heat, right?;) I’m here for this year’s EduComm Conference, where tomorrow I’ll be presenting with TargetX CEO Brian Niles on “CRM.  Sales.  Clouds.

XpertTip No. 156: Lessons from Ray

It’s no secret I consider myself a pretty lucky girl. Over the years, I’ve gotten the chance to work with and for some of the most experienced and visionary leaders in higher education. What you may not know, however, is that I count TargetX’s own Ray Ulmer as tops on that list.

XpertTip No. 155: Email as "old media?"

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time here in Philadelphia with the one-and-only Bob Johnson (of Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC). Bob was in town for a conference and was kind enough to join myself and Brian Niles for an evening of red wine and admissions shop-talk in our fine city.

XpertTip No. 154: Freeze the melt

Well, folks — the results are in. May 1, 2010 may be visible only from the rear-view mirror, but we’re hearing that most of you are still in full-on “recruitment mode.” Has it really happened?  Has “May-one” officially become “June-one” (or even “July-one?”) From my recent discussions, many of you are still brainstorming ways to get this year’s incoming class to respond, register, sign up for an orientation session, etc.

XpertTip No. 153: Post May 1 — let's dish

Today I’d like to ask a favor. Our next Free on Friday webcast is scheduled to take place on May 21st at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It’s going to be a “round-table” format, with my colleagues Brian Niles, Jeff Kallay and Trent Gilbert joining me to look back on this year in recruiting and share the biggest lessons we’ve learned on campuses across the country.
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