How to Increase Retention Rates – The Averett University Case Study

Student retention is a high priority at many (if not all) institutions. These institutions, like Averett University, have lofty goals when it comes to retention, but do not have a system in place to support their efforts. Stacy Gato, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Averett University, knew that something needed to change.

Top 10 Technology Priorities for 2016

From student information systems to MOOCs and e-learning, technology has become enmeshed in all aspects of higher education. So it’s no surprise that technology can have a profound effect on student progress and success. However, in response to accelerated advancements in technology, institutions must re-evaluate their existing resources and processes to ensure that their technologies are able to support today’s students.

Addressing retention. One conversation at a time.

On December 8th, TargetX gathered a group of higher ed professionals for one of the company’s greatest traditions, iThink. The incredibly popular event was first introduced in 2008 and has continued to assemble administrators from around the country at events like NACAC and the TargetX users group (CRM Summit).

On the Cutting-Edge: Western Governors University Uses Text Analytics to Make Institutional Changes, Enhancing Student Satisfaction and Success

Predictive analytics has become increasingly popular in the higher education community, as leadership seeks to determine students’ likelihood to enroll or withdraw from a given institution. Western Governors University (WGU), a private, nonprofit, online institution, has a dedicated research team at the forefront of the predictive analytics push.

Getting serious about retention

Acceptance letters have been sent. YouTube videos posted as eager applicants open their letters. Deposits mailed in. It’s another full cycle completed in the college admissions process. As we enter July, the incoming Class of 2013 is now preparing for the next step in their college journey while heading to Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target to stock up on all the college essentials.

Financial aid, a customer service test

As a former Director of Financial Aid, I still have a special place in my heart for helping students through the confounding process that is financial aid. I work with local students whose parents are unemployed, under-employed or worse yet, in the abyss occupied by throngs of middle-income families.

Where everybody knows your name

When the CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason, resigned in February, he shared this tidbit, ”If there’s one piece of wisdom that this simple pilgrim would like to impart upon you: have the courage to start with the customer.” I recognize in higher education using customer as a synonym for student may ignite an interesting debate with faculty.

How to do more with less

Since I started at TargetX, I would say that I’ve talked to over 200 schools about student recruitment and how technology can assist them. When I have these conversations about the latest trends and tools, I find that we often return to a common topic — the economy and budget.