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Can Text Messaging Simplify the Admissions Process?

Submitting college applications. Sending transcripts. Personalizing essays. Coordinating references. The list goes on and on. Applying to college is often a grueling process, particularly when students lack the guidance and resources to properly navigate the admissions system. Recognizing these issues, the White House’s Office of Public Engagement has teamed up with Huge and Civic Nation to pilot a text messaging program called Up Next.

4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy

Reflecting on the latest data from the 2015 Social Admissions Report made us consider: What are the most important questions your admissions team should be asking about student recruitment and mobile? We’ve assembled our top 4 below along with pro tips for making the most out of your efforts.

5 Questions for James Steen, VP of Enrollment Management, Houston Baptist University

Last week, the Uversity team was lucky enough to host James Steen, Vice-President of Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University (HBU), for a webinar that detailed his approach to a successful enrollment strategy.  Under his leadership, HBU has experienced unprecedented growth in its freshman student enrollment which is why we couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him a few follow-up questions.

Amen to “Be the Change You See”

Have you read this article yet? If not, I suggest you do. I came across this post from Susan Grajek (Educause) a few months ago when it first came out, but revisited it post-Educause as our team returned from the conference and many of these themes were highlighted when talking to clients and colleagues from different campuses.

On the Cutting-Edge: Western Governors University Uses Text Analytics to Make Institutional Changes, Enhancing Student Satisfaction and Success

Predictive analytics has become increasingly popular in the higher education community, as leadership seeks to determine students’ likelihood to enroll or withdraw from a given institution. Western Governors University (WGU), a private, nonprofit, online institution, has a dedicated research team at the forefront of the predictive analytics push.

Why One Researcher Says Culture Drives Students’ Decisions to Enroll

Michael Dooney, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and doctoral student at Seton Hall University, is investigating how universities’ social media admissions strategies affect student enrollment. Impressed with Uversity’s research demonstrating the positive relationship between Schools App and student enrollment, he is currently observing the interactions within our private community to further understand social media’s impact on yield rates for incoming college freshman.

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