How to do more with less

Since I started at TargetX, I would say that I’ve talked to over 200 schools about student recruitment and how technology can assist them. When I have these conversations about the latest trends and tools, I find that we often return to a common topic — the economy and budget. Which usually shifts the conversation to ROI, data-driven decision making and how to do more with less.
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Clearly my friends on campus and I are not the only ones talking about this. An article in the February edition of Campus Technology magazine explores 7 different aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) technology that colleges and universities are using to meet their enrollment goals. I’m highlighting three below that come up most often in conversation:

Mobility: Sending emails from 30,000 feet, taking notes on a visit as soon as you leave, and keeping an eye on event registrations via a tablet — these are becoming the norm. Your office might be in seat 14D, in a Starbucks, sitting in a car, or on a park bench. Wherever your office is today, you’re expected to stay connected.

Do more with less: At one school, a key data entry staffer in admissions left in the middle of the year. Knowing that it would take a while to replace the position, the office turned to their new CRM system to start looking for greater efficiencies. By automating letter generation and file upload, work was being done by the system on a scheduled basis allowing them to run a more efficient operation while they were down a staff person.

Data: It’s the driving force behind every decision. Buying search lists, planning travel, off-campus event management and more. For many, the data is held in different systems. Now, CRM solutions can bring together school profiles, online maps and information from third parties like the National Center for Education Statistics. You’re not limited to the data on the school profile. You can harness data from multiple sources and bring it together in a CRM.

We’re all trying to find ways to be more productive, and customer relationship management can help. Finding the right tool for your institution can get you back to what’s important — recruiting more students!

Curious about the other 4 ways CRM can help your campus? Read Michelle Fredette’s article “7 secrets of lasting relationships.” (Spoiler alert: TargetX CEO Brian Niles is quoted in the article. So check it out!)

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