Making college fairs count

Conference season is rapidly approaching for our team here at TargetX. Many of our folks will be traveling around the country meeting with current and future clients, presenting on higher ed industry trends and of course, showcasing TargetX products and services.

Recent updates: Campus photos, targeted posts, and our mobile apps

Here are some recent updates that you might have missed: Campus Photos We’ve periodically received requests from clients for a way to share photos through Schools App. Though we are still working on allowing students to share photos with each other (stay tuned!), we now have a way for clients to share photos with students: Campus Photos!

Announcing: Our New Product Blog!

Keeping our customers up-to-date about changes to Schools App has always been a challenge given the pace of software development here at Inigral. In the past, we’ve tried emails, monthly newsletters, the Center for Clientology, and even personal phone calls from our dedicated team of Clientologists.

Into the cloud

Amazing how quickly things can change in today’s digital world. In a survey of Americans seven months ago, one-third said cloud computing literally has to do with clouds and one-half said that bad weather messes with the cloud. More than half said they don’t ever use the cloud even though it turns out 95 percent of them do.

What’s Happening with Admissions Yield in 2013?

The power dynamic of the college search process has shifted into students’ hands.  Literally.  With accessibility tomobile devices, virtual tours, and social media over the past 10 years, students are able to gather more information about college than ever before. Don’t get me wrong — access to information is a great thing, and students are able to make a more educated decision when considering where to enroll.  

Maker's Mark makes good

Know your students. Apologize when you are wrong. Last week, one of Kentucky’s finest, Maker’s Mark bourbon, made a huge mistake. In an effort to combat a possible shortage in their supply, they decided to water down their bourbon to meet the needs of their customers.

How to do more with less

Since I started at TargetX, I would say that I’ve talked to over 200 schools about student recruitment and how technology can assist them. When I have these conversations about the latest trends and tools, I find that we often return to a common topic — the economy and budget.

Sending signals

There are plenty of ways for admissions officers to listen and follow what prospective students are saying about their institution. But what if the tables were turned? An increasing number of students are sending digital supplements along with their applications. Considered “add ons” to the application, they come equipped with web analytics, allowing students to monitor which items have been viewed and opened by admissions officers.

Lessons from the NFL

As someone who has worked in both the corporate and higher-ed worlds, I have always been impressed with the willingness of admissions officers to share their successes and failures with colleagues. While corporate marketers operate in secrecy as if they’re Cold War operatives, admissions folks stand up at conferences around the country, telling their competitors and anyone else in the room what worked for them this year, even providing details in case people want to replicate their successes while avoiding their stumbles.
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