Spring '17 Product Release

Learn more about how our latest product updates can impact your communication efforts and provide you with new ways to see relevant and timely information about your students.

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Our new Email Campaign Builder allows staff to effortlessly set-up, review, and manage broadcast email campaigns. Email automation and testing with unprecedented usability enables schools to proactively communicate with prospects and students.



The clean and sophisticated Events tool helps drive prospect interest and student engagement by encouraging even greater participation in school activities. Conflicting blocking functionalities and flexible payment options accommodate the needs of the school and students.



Student Success Center

With this release, advisors have new ways of seeing and recording relevant and timely information about students with minimal clicks. They can see the progression of student issues via a timeline and drill deeper into related activities.


Schools App

The new, streamlined design for Schools App simplifies student access to a robust and supportive community. A new menu screen builds a community of peers and the feeling of being “home.” Student interaction for staff members is made easy with a new Admin menu option.

Online Application

Institutions will be able to leverage collected data about prospective students to streamline the application process. The Online Application can now display relevant information to the applicant and minimize unnecessary data entry.

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