September '17 Product Release

Find out how new product features can improve enrollment and increase retention.

Simplify Application and Application Review Processes

With this release, we have a number of exciting new features geared toward simplifying the application, recommendation and application review processes for students, staff and admins. They include new conditional visibility, auto application PDF generation, recommender portal and other features!

For more information on this release, clients can visit the TargetX User Community.

Release Feature Details

Provide Recommenders Access to Student Application
Create an authenticated portal environment for recommenders to review a snapshot of the student’s application and complete the recommendation.

Auto-Generate Application PDF
Is creating a PDF of completed student applications part of your institution’s admission process? You can now easily auto-generate a PDF of the completed application!

Personalize Application Review Processes
Customize the visibility of score fields based on the reviewer and his/her response to questions. Simplify ongoing management of various application review processes for your admins!

NEW for UK Customers: Support Widening Participation
In support of UK’s Widening Participation projects targeting on underrepresented students, we are introducing new features that allow secondary school teachers to review their students’ applications and submit recommendations online!

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