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TargetX Consulting Services

Align your TargetX CRM with an updated recruitment process to help

you and your team meet your enrollment goals

A Unique Consulting Experience

Who Benefits

  • Leaders looking for a fresh perspective on effective recruiting techniques today
  • A new Chief Enrollment Officer or Admissions Director looking to implement change
  • A recruiting team looking to implement a new TargetX CRM solution
  • Institutions seeking best practice guidance to improve efficiency and results

The Services

  • Historical enrollment data and activity review
  • Pre-campus visit conference call with key enrollment management leaders
  • On-campus meetings with various teams to identify enhancements and changes to business processes and alignment with the CRM
  • A practical action plan with concrete recommendations

The Consultant

Brian Wm Niles.Color

Brian Wm. Niles
Founder & Chief Evangelist

Brian Wm. Niles is TargetX’s Founder, Chief Evangelist and Lead Consultant. He is a well-respected voice of change in an industry at a tipping point, struggling to be more effective and efficient. Brian has become a leading advocate for colleges to streamline their technology and update their processes in order meet the customization and responsiveness demanded by today’s student consumers.

Brian regularly appears as a keynote speaker and workshop leader at industry conferences, presenting on technology, institutional change and staff development in an entertaining and informative way. He is author of the higher education book, “Overthrowing Dead Culture” and host of the Add|Drop Podcast focusing on stories of change in higher education.

Prior to starting TargetX in 1998, Brian spent his career in college admissions, marketing and enrollment management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and as a marketing and enrollment management consultant for nonprofit organizations. He has earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania and lead TargetX for its first 15 years as a leading educational technology firm serving more than 450 colleges and universities.

The Packages


Review of enrollment history, goals,
current people, process and plans

  • Annual engagement
  • Two initial days on-campus
  • Comprehensive report
  • Monthly phone coaching
  • Quarterly campus visit


Review of current business process and recommended changes

  • Implementation engagement
  • One day on-campus
  • Action-step report
  • Participation on weekly calls
  • Monthly leadership calls


Assessment of current CRM implementation and usage

  • One-time engagement
  • Two days on-campus
  • Action-step report
  • Joint call with client services
  • Regular check-in calls

The Report


Consulting reports are a dime a dozen in this and most industries. What makes TargetX reports unique is that they are entirely focused on action steps to pursue by the college and all recommendations have been discussed with the team on-campus prior to receiving the report. There are no surprises, but plenty of steps designed specifically for the institution to implement, may of which, with the assistance of others at TargetX.  

Our customers have found them to be a useful document, rather than a set of pages that sit on a bookshelf never to be read again. Furthermore, these reports are supplemented by regular check-in calls and/or visits to campus to assist in the follow-through by various teams at the University.

Stephen Lee, AVP for Enrollment Management at West Virginia University
“TargetX’s services provide a visionary perspective on where the enrollment management industry is headed while also giving me helpful advice on strategies I need to deploy to meet our University’s enrollment goals.” Stephen Lee, AVP for Enrollment Management at West Virginia University

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