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TargetX Summit Schedule

From best practice sessions and client stories, to product demos and
networking opportunities—see what's on the agenda for the 2017 TargetX Summit!

Sunday, June 25th (Training Sessions)

Training sessions come at an additional cost to attendees ($250 per half-day session, $500 per full-day session. They are not covered under the individual rate or group rate. If you are interested in registering for one of these sessions on June 25th, please register accordingly.)

8:00 am - 9:00 am               Breakfast
9:00 am - 4:00 pm               All Day Training

End User Basics
Experience Level: Less than one year using TargetX; new to TargetX
Audience: All new or prospective users of the CRM

This full-day introductory course is perfect for new end-users who would like to learn how to utilize the full functionality of the TargetX CRM. Designed as a “Day in the Life” experience, we will use demonstrations and hands-on exercises to teach the essentials all users need to know.

Topics will include a high level CRM overview, data architecture and hierarchy, navigating the CRM, constituent and application management, and the foundations of reporting.

9:00 am - 12:00 pm             Morning Training

Advanced CRM Admin Topics

Experience Level: More than one year using TargetX as an Admin
Audience: System Admin

If you consider yourself an experienced Admin and are looking to take the next step with your CRM, then this session is for you! Focused on best practices, this course will outline and review proven practices that support long term success with the CRM.

Topics covered will include configuring security settings, profiles and permissions, and org-wide sharing settings, defining org-wide custom settings to support single and multi-department usage, developing upgrade and test plans, creating internal user and Admin related documentation, and discussing best practices for data storage, data governance, and general CRM maintenance. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and use cases for discussion.

CRM Automation with Process Builder
Experience Level: One year or more as a CRM Admin/Data Manager
Audience: System Admin, Data Manager

Looking for ways to streamline your business processes and create efficiencies in the CRM? Salesforce Process Builder is a powerful tool that uses a graphical interface to support designing and creating automation in the CRM. Join us in this course to learn how to utilize Process Builder effectively in support of your institutional needs.

Topics will include an overview of Process Builder and discussion of other automation tools in the CRM, how to create and edit processes, best practices when using process builder and considerations for writing efficient queries.

New CRM Admin Basics
Experience Level: Less than one year using TargetX; new to TargetX
Audience: System Admin, Data Manager

If you are a newly designated CRM admin then this course is for you! In this training we will use a combination of high level overviews, demonstrations and hands-on exercises to review the essentials all TargetX CRM Administrators need to know.

Topics covered include reviewing data architecture, creating custom fields and page layouts, managing users and org-wide security settings, and discussing best practices for data governance and upgrade management. Attendees are encouraged to bring use case examples for discussion.

New Data Manager Bootcamp
Experience Level: Less than one year as CRM Admin/Data Manager
Audience: System Admin, Data Manager

Learn how to use Informatica Cloud and DemandTools, two powerful applications for integrating and maintaining your data in the CRM.

Informatica Cloud topics will include a high-level product overview, how to use and customize TargetX standard import templates, and best practices around data management in the CRM. DemandTools topics will include creating and running single-table deduplication scenarios.

TargetX Communications
Experience Level: Implementing or live customers with user access to TargetX Email. SMS, and/or Conga
Audience: Marketing Communications, System Admin, Power User

Learn how to leverage the power of the TargetX CRM to strategically engage with your constituents. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to design, build and execute on multi-media communication plans in the CRM, with a focus on email, print and SMS messaging.

Topics will include creating and editing content for emails, print mailings and SMS messages, building campaigns and communication plans, analyzing communication data to guide future initiatives, and a discussion of best practices.

TargetX Online Application for Admins
Experience Level: All
Audience: System Admin, TargetX Online Application Admin

Learn the essentials for administering and maintaining the TargetX Online Application and Application Community in support of institutional enrollment goals.

Topics will include a review of the Online Application form builder, how to update and create forms, updating deadlines for new academic years, how to collect application and enrollment fees, configuring discounts, and a review of the Application Community user experience.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm             Lunch
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm               Afternoon Training

Advanced Data Manager Bootcamp
Experience Level: More than one year as CRM Admin/Data Manager
Audience: System Admin, Data Manager

Take your knowledge of Informatica Cloud and DemandTools, two powerful applications for integrating and maintaining your data in the CRM, to the next level.

Informatica Cloud topics will include how to create, schedule, and run standard TargetX imports as well as create custom built imports and exports, a review of Informatica’s powerful Cloud Mapping Designer, and best practices around data management and record matching. DemandTools topics will include creating and running single-table deduplication scenarios and using Mass Impact.

Building a Decision Letter with Visualforce
Experience Level: Experienced CRM Admin
Audience: System Admin, Salesforce Developers

Interested in taking your Admission process to the next level with online Decision Letters in the TargetX Applicant Community? Then this course is for you! Join us as we teach you how to write decision letter content using Visualforce and launch your online decision letter process.

Topics will include an overview of TargetX decision letters, the foundations of writing Visualforce to customize your content for different applicant populations, and how to configure your Applicant Community to display letters and accept enrollments from students.

New CRM Admin Basics (Repeat of Morning Session)
Experience Level: Less than one year using TargetX; new to TargetX
Audience: System Admin, Data Manager

If you are a newly designated CRM admin then this course is for you! In this training we will use a combination of high level overviews, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to review the essentials all TargetX CRM Administrators need to know.

Topics covered include reviewing data architecture, creating custom fields and page layouts, managing users and org-wide security settings, and discussing best practices for data governance and upgrade management. Attendees are encouraged to bring use case examples for discussion.

Online Application for Admins
Experience Level: All
Audience: System Admin, TargetX Online Application Admin

Learn the essentials for administering and maintaining the TargetX Online Application and Application Community in support of institutional enrollment goals.

Topics will include a review of the Online Application form builder, how to update and create forms, updating deadlines for new academic years, how to collect application and enrollment fees, configuring discounts, and a review of the Application Community user experience.

Reports and Dashboards
Experience Level: Live customers who have already completed Reports Training with TargetX
Audience: All

Whether you are interested in analyzing data at the micro or macro level, this course is for you. This session will teach users how to query, parse, and analyze data in the CRM through the Reports and Dashboards interface. Using hands-on learning experiences, attendees will build reports in support of their day-to-day business needs.

Topics will include: overview of standard report types and how to create custom report types, writing standard and advanced filter logic, cross-object querying, an introduction to report formulas, and how to visualize data using dashboards. Attendees are encouraged to bring use cases for discussion.

TargetX Events
Experience Level: Implementing or live clients with user access to Events and FormAssembly
Audience: All

Learn how to use TargetX Events to manage on and off-campus events.

Topics will include: creating and publishing events, building registration forms, communicating with registrants and attendees, best practices for centralizing registration and day-of check in, and how to utilize TargetX Surveys to collect and analyze event feedback.

Monday, June 26th (General Sessions)

7:30 am - 8:30 am               Breakfast
8:30 am - 9:30 am               Opening Keynote

Delight Your Students.

Opening Session by CEO Sasha Peterson

Kick off your Summit experience with this thought provoking session by TargetX CEO, Sasha Peterson. Together, we will uncover how technology innovations will transform the higher education industry and how TargetX’s vision for the future will challenge institutions to reimagine the student experience.

9:45 am - 10:45 am             Session 1

Product Roadmap Session and Feedback
TargetX Product Team
Join the TargetX product team for a robust conversation about our products and what’s in the future. Come share your feedback and help drive the product roadmap! (This session is occurring twice to allow for maximum participation.)

Tags: Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Best Practices for Cascading Email Campaigns:  
Sinehan Lessard, University of New Hampshire at Manchester
So you’ve sent out some emails, but now you’re ready to set it and forget it. How can you build a cascading campaign to engage students throughout the pipeline? Hint: Keep it simple! In this session, we will discuss best practices for cascading campaigns to encourage conversion through each stage of recruitment. Learn about what kinds of emails work best in a full-cycle cascade, and which messages are better off as individual campaigns. This session is recommended for TargetX Email users that are ready to take things to the next level with marketing automation. Admissions Officers shouldn’t be spending too much time scheduling individual email blasts—they should be on the road, shaking hands, and making dreams come true *insert shooting star emoji here*.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement, Recruitment
Audience: Marketing, End + Power Users


A Holistic Approach to Enrollment Marketing — Linking Building Demand and Financial Aid Strategies
Eric Groves, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Research findings from the RNL Report on Financial Aid Perceptions indicated that 53% of parents and 50% of students ruled out an institution based solely on sticker price. This session will describe ways universities are coordinating their outreach, recruitment, and affordability messages to build demand.

Tags: Marketing, Communication, and Engagement
Audience: All


From Zero to 60 – Best Practices for a Community College
Cindy Haney, Lehigh Carbon Community College
In an era of data and analytics to make informed decisions around recruitment and enrollment, Cindy started her role as V.P. with few tools to provide a clear historical review of LCCC’s efforts or approaches. Utilizing TargetX’s Recruitment CRM and Online Application tools, LCCC is moving forward from utilizing handwritten notes, and Word and Excel documents, to a completely automated process. This new approach allows the 2-year College to easily communicate with their students throughout the entire student journey, provide a smooth application process for their prospective students, save on manpower from having to complete manual tasks (now automated), and most importantly, analyze reports to make informed decisions based off historical data. Learn some of the best practices LCCC discovered during the implementation process and how the TargetX CRM and Online Application will positively impact the work of the LCCC team.

Tags: Recruitment
Audience: Executive, All


Understanding Data: Overcoming Internal Challenges
Ashlyn Muncy, New Mexico Military Institute
Comprehension of the inner workings of data in your organization is essential for overcoming internal challenges. Quality data integration is critical to your enterprise’s end goal to “make the product work.” Uncovering best practices of how to utilize product capabilities and fully implement them in support of the product within your own spectrum will lead you to successful integration. The keys to success in this process are communication, idea sharing, implementing focus groups, and having realistic team goals to ensure the transition of data integration into a prosperous platform implementation.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin


Xcelerate Your Implementation
Joshua Schwartz and Margaret Mandich, TargetX
Whether you are implementing the full TargetX CRM for the first time, or looking to add on new products, a successful launch starts with an optimal implementation plan. Join TargetX as we share best practices for implementation, including how re-evaluating and simplifying existing processes, making decisions sooner, and readying teams from Day 1 can help Xcelerate your implementation and drive you towards go-live.

Tags: Best Practices
Audience: Admin, Executive


The 2017 Innovation Cup

Towson University and the Illinois Institute of Technology will battle it out to see who takes the 2017 Innovation Cup at the TargetX Summit. Who will win? Attend this session to cast your vote!
Audience: All

10:45 am - 11:15 am           MORNING BREAK (Mini Training)

Mini Training: Using Prospect Scoring to Drive Student Engagement

11:15 am - 12:15 pm           Student/Parent Panel

A Change Would Do You Good — A Student/Parent Panel sponsored by Render Experiences

Moderated by Jeff Kallay, Principal at Render Experiences

Take a step out of the daily grind to hear a refreshing perspective from students and parents who have recently been through (or are currently going through) the admissions process. Back by popular demand, this engaging and entertaining panel discussion hosted by Jeff Kallay of Render Experiences provides you with real feedback straight from the source. Come listen and learn from this panel of students (and their parents) and take away a change that could do you good.


12:15 pm - 1:15 pm             LUNCH
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm               Session 2

Partnering for Success: Supporting Your CRM with a Virtual Admin
Christopher Gioconda, TargetX
Long term success with the CRM is dependent on many factors, but most critical is the presence of a skilled administrator overseeing the maintenance, adoption, and strategic direction of the system. Join TargetX Consultants and customers to learn more about how we are partnering to support day-to-day system administration, projects that enhance the CRM, and strategic initiatives to help meet institutional goals.

Tags: Best Practices
Audience: Admin, Executive


Communication Strategy 101
Brandy Fowler and Allison Moore, Concordia University Texas
In this session, Concordia University Texas will share how they build and maintain automated email communication plans. They will cover the structure of their communication plans and how they are utilizing workflows to send emails based on different triggers (like inquiry date or actions taken) and share best practices for launching and maintaining communication plans while making sure data storage isn’t impacted. They will also show you how to close the loop on these plans and share their process for reviewing the success of a campaign and how to report on plans and use that data to improve messaging to students.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: Marketing, End + Power Users


Enabling & Supporting Students: How to Leverage the Student Success Center
Chris Coia, TargetX
Do you work with students to help them succeed? Attend this session to learn how TargetX’s Student Success Center can be used to help institutions improve student retention and persistence.

Tags: Product Spotlight, Retention
Audience: End + Power Users, Executive


What Do Deep Dish Pizza and the Decision Tool Have in Common?
Betsy Dolan and David Trott, College of William & Mary
Come explore the Decision Module with William & Mary. It all starts with the crust, we will explore the configuration and customization. White sauce or red, having different cover sheets for different purposes. Pepperoni and sausage, but no anchovies, we will demonstrate the individualization so that each regional dean gets what they like.

Tags: Recruitment, Enterprise
Audience: Admin


The Sales(force) Awakens
Len Lipkin, Arcadia University
Five years into using Salesforce and TargetX, we will reflect on our original selection and implementation, including the decisions made along the way.  Len will lead a group discussion around recommendations, best practices and lessons learned and for folks who are just getting started or looking to take their CRM practice to the next level.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin


Improving the Student Experience with TargetX Portal
Angel Navedo, TargetX
How can you provide dynamic and personalized content to your prospects and students? By using the TargetX Portal! Create a mobile-friendly student portal with content catered to each student’s needs and aspirations. Institutions can increase student interest and engagement through its modern design with minimal effort for the administrators!

Tags: Product Spotlight, Enterprise
Audience: Admin, All


Franklin College: An Implementation Story
Amanda Eaton, Franklin College
Hear from a private, liberal arts college in the Indianapolis area who took the plunge and fully implemented TargetX for the 2016-2017 school year. From creating unique office procedures (and simplifying others) to increasing applications and communication interaction, Franklin College found success in their new CRM at a very early start.

Tags: Recruitment
Audience: Admin, Executive, Power Users

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm               Session 3

Designing for Accessibility: What We Learned
Aseloka Smith, Towson University and Chris Coia and Ryan Barresi, TargetX
As higher ed institutions recruit and support students, faculty and staff, it is important to ensure that everyone, including those with disabilities, can utilize the tools available. In this session, we will discuss the compliance standards, talk about limitations (such as browsers), and offer suggestions on designing for accessibility.

Tags: Product Spotlight, Best Practices
Audience: Admin, Marketing


HEDA: What Does It Mean for You? 
Angel Navedo, Christian McLaughlin, and Abe Gruber, TargetX
You’ve heard about HEDA. You’re been wondering what this means for you and your institution. Attend this session to learn more about HEDA and how it works with your TargetX solution!

Tags: Product Spotlight, Technology & Data, Enterprise
Audience: Admin, Executive


It’s the Final Countdown: How to Prepare for a Successful Launch
Dave Sicoli and Kristi Kooyman, TargetX
The packages are installed, your business logic is configured, and Go-Live day is on the horizon—now what?! Join the TargetX Project Services team as they share best practices for launching the CRM, including early awareness and engagement of functional users, prioritizing final requirements, preparing teams for training, and developing adoption strategies.

Tags: Best Practices
Audience: Admin, Executive


In The Dark About Data? Let’s Get Lit! Shining Light on Data Driven Event Management
Matt Mortier and Alex Landen, Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University welcomes over 8,000 prospective students to campus each academic year. The prospective student’s time on campus is valuable and in Admissions, EMU works hard to provide an experience worth remembering. This session will take you through the many ways EMU utilizes data and customer relationship systems to positively impact recruitment through Admissions Visit Programs. During this presentation, Matt and Alex will explain the conception of their “data driven event management” and explain how this idea is put into practice throughout the enrollment cycle. In this session, they will explain how EMU uses data to measure program effectiveness by tracking yield rates and examining student feedback. They will explain how EMU has used this data to form their current event schedule and create new programs, and will also share how this data becomes a valuable and effective resource in motivating and rewarding tour guide behavior, as well as holding professional staff accountable for their work. This session will demonstrate how they have tracked data, which specific data items have been most impactful in event management, and how they constantly reexamine their approach based on trends they find. EMU has found that the use of data to manage events allows them to create goal driven and purposeful events that not only help them recruit successfully, but also addresses the needs of students as they move through the recruitment cycle.

Tags: Technology & Data, Recruitment
Audience: All


We’re Connected: From Recruitment to Orientation
Peg Richmond
Are you looking to increase productivity and get decisions out the door faster? Better utilize staff time and allow for new initiatives? Come see how Keene State College did all of this by implementing Decision Cloud and developing a custom application. Give your counselors what they need to review applications anytime, anywhere!

Tags: Enterprise, Technology & Data
Audience: Executive, Admin


Student One Stop: Using Case Management to Improve Student Experience
Rich Conley, University of Massachusetts Lowell
UMass Lowell built a student one-stop called The Solution Center to replace student facing services that were previously handled by 3 offices—Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Billing. Salesforce and TargetX have been essential to the success of this new service and provides transparency, information, and metrics that never before existed. As new offices like Admissions join on, there are even greater opportunities to collaborate together to provide an improved customer (student) experience. In this session, Rich will highlight the features of our Solution Center, including their case management process, how Admissions is using the tool for their questions, and how cases are shared across organizations to provide a 360 degree view of the student.

Tags: Retention
Audience: Executive, Admin


Story First: Content Partnerships and Libraries for Higher Ed
Enrique Mendoza and Sean Quinn, Bowstring Studios
Between admissions portals, social media channels, web sites, microsites, email campaigns and even television advertising, higher ed marketers are faced with a burgeoning need for original content, but often without the burgeoning budget to match. How are marketers in the space utilizing in-house production resources, external vendors and even students to meet this demand? How can those content creators work together and leverage each other’s strengths and assets? What does a functional content library look like? Where does it live? All of these questions and more to be answered by the thought leaders from Philadelphia’s Bowstring Studios.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: Marketing

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm               AFTERNOON BREAK (Mini Training)

Mini Training: Building a Portal Best Practices

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm               Session 4

Axiom Elite — Data Management Hub for Higher Education
Jeff Leisse and Joanne O’Connor, Axiom/SSD Partners and Eric Johnson, Mount Wachusett Community College
Are you looking for an automated, bi-directional, direct integration solution to keep your CRM and Student Information System data clean and accurate? Axiom Elite is the data management hub for higher education that allows you to manage your data across your campus by integrating your Student Information System with other third party data sources. Join us to hear about some of our client success stories and get a demo of Axiom Elite!

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin

Implementing SMS Texting into Your Communications
Marianne Sipe and Tanis Irwin, Eastern Oregon University
Eastern Oregon University decided in 2015 to implement SMS Texting in TargetX — and soon learned that buying and installing the application was just one piece in a much larger SMS strategy puzzle! What they found next was a need for an SMS communication plan, some guidance on the regulations around SMS Texting and the FCC, and a policy to help insulate the institution from disgruntled customers, fines, and legal issues. They also needed internal workflows and best practice guides as well as training for their key users. Learn what steps and measures Eastern Oregon University took to go live with what seemed like an easy implementation, but proved to have many hidden steps beyond the technology.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: All


Design to Engage: Grabbing Student Interest through Mobile Design
Ryan Barresi, TargetX
Whether it is email, webpages, or coursework, students are increasingly using their mobile devices for school-related interactions. Creating content that is mobile-friendly is critical for engaging prospects and students. Attend this session to learn design best practices from TargetX’s very own user-experience designer.

Tags: Product Spotlight, Best Practices
Audience: End + Power Users, Marketing


Utilizing TargetX to Maximize Results when Launching a New Marketing and Avoiding Roast Beef
Jay Murray and Jeffrey Shpunt, Western Connecticut State University
In this session, Jay and Jeff will discuss the marketing, recruitment, and results for WCSU in launching a new market. In fall 2016, the CT Board of Regents gave WCSU the ability to offer in-state tuition to students who lived in seven NYS counties. This was needed to help combat the decline in CT HS graduates and eliminate the financial barrier that exists once you cross the NY border only 5 miles from campus. WCSU then planned and executed a plan to market, recruit, communicate to these students, and track the results all using TargetX. Attendees will learn the history behind the proposal, who the audience was, what plan was put in place, how they communicated to these students, how TargetX was utilized at each step, and the results.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: Executive, Marketing, End Users


Keeping a Clean House: Using Regular CRM Audits to Support CRM Success
Vinu Vijayan, TargetX
A CRM is a bit like a home — while light weekly housekeeping is important to keep things tidy, regular deep cleaning is necessary for a healthy environment. This is where regular system reviews like a Healthcheck or Audit come into play. Join our TargetX team as we discuss how to implement audits and reviews, what to look for, who to engage on campus, and how to create action plans from your results that drive you closer to your institutional goals.

Tags: Technology & Data, Best Practices
Audience: Executive, Admin


New to Online App? How to Create an Online Application that Dazzles
Angel Navedo, TargetX
Many institutions use TargetX’s Online Application across multiple programs, schools, and/or departments. Learn the basics of the online application and how to adjust it to the needs of your various constituents.

Tags: Product Spotlight, Recruitment, Best Practices
Audience: Admin


Use Mapping to Increase Recruiting Productivity
Eric Baird, Geopointe and Aron Kuch, College of Charleston
Recruiters are able to optimize time on the road and make more informed decisions about where to hold events when they can see their data on a map. Geopointe has mapping analytics, routing and mobile productivity tools that increase recruiting effectiveness.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: End User, Power

5:15 pm - 6:15 pm               Session 5

Manage Events Big or Small with TargetX Events
Chris Coia and Patrick Kelly, TargetX
TargetX Events is a robust and flexible tool that supports one-off events, recurring events, overlapping events, multi-day events, offline check-ins, appointments, interviews, and more. Dive into all that you can do on this tool and see how TargetX used it to plan our Summit this year!

Tags: Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Expand Telemarketing with Visualforce and Communities to Hundreds of Volunteers
Aron Kuch, College of Charleston
Colleges have several populations of volunteers that are willing to speak with prospective students: alumni, faculty, current students, parents. Coordinating those connections so that prospective students are neither harassed nor ignored is not scalable for hundreds of participants. Learn how the College of Charleston utilized Communities and Visualforce to share the right amount of student information with volunteers and receive feedback about the conversations. Practical how-to’s and how-not-to’s will also be offered.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement, Recruitment
Audience: Admin, Power Users


The Latest and Greatest: TargetX Email!
Kevin Butts, TargetX
Learn more about our exciting Summer ’17 Email release! Hear about the new features and functionalities that make creating personalized and automated messages for your prospects and students easy.

Tags: Product Spotlight, Marketing, Engagement
Audience: All


Time Saving Tools for Staff Travel Planning and Documentation
Jami Holmes and Lisa Ellrich, University of Maine at Farmington
Learn how to enhance your Events and Conga modules to plan, execute, and track staff travel to high school visits and college fairs. UMF produces letters, posters, and postcards mailings. When it’s time for travel, they send their counselors on the road prepared with event details and lists of students, school counselors, and alumni – all automated using the Events and Conga modules. UMF will share the details of how, with the power of the CRM Community Board, they were able to build on a mapping configuration provided by Hofstra University to support additional Next Event Fields and how they build reports and Conga templates.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement, Recruitment, Technology & Data
Audience: End + Power User, Admin


I Heard You Like Workflows: Best Practices in CRM Automation
Jim DeSanto, TargetX
One of the greatest advantages of a CRM is the ability to automate business operations and create efficiencies for your staff, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. In this session, TargetX will share best practices regarding automation within the CRM, including the best use of TargetX triggers, custom workflows, process builder, and more. Learn how to get the most out of automation without over-engineering the CRM.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin


Connecting to the 21st Century Graduate Student: Utilizing the Technology Relationship Building Blocks Across Recruitment, Admissions, and Student Success
DeBrenna Agbenyiga, University of Texas at San Antonio 
Get to know The UTSA Graduate School rapid growth in recruitment and retention by learning our life-cycle of the 21st century graduate student. Technology is part of who we are now, the evolution and adaptation of this fast growing community is crucial to achieve academic success. Become paperless, get data everywhere, automate your processes and communicate efficiently. Welcome to the UTSA Graduate school, we will be your guide to set you in the right track to successfully connect to your students.

Tags: Enterprise
Audience: Executive


Leveraging Schools App for Retention
Bryan Dougherty, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott
Hear how Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has utilized the Schools App to monitor, influence, predict and enhance enrollment yield from the admitted to the deposited stage.

Tags: Schools App, Retention
Audience: Admin, Marketing

6:45 pm - 8:45 pm               Happy Hour

Meet us at the House of Blues Chicago and say “cheers” to a successful day. Celebrate with signature cocktails and plenty of snacks, dueling pianos, and a photo booth! Don’t miss out on this awesome event in sweet home Chicago!

It’s just a short walk to the House of Blues, or you can take advantage of our $5.00 off UBER code: TARGETXEVENT

Tuesday, June 27th (General Sessions)

7:30 am - 8:30 am               Breakfast
8:30 am - 10:00 am             Leadership Panel

Disrupt the Status Quo: Meeting the Current Challenges in Higher Education

Moderated by Scott Jaschik, CEO and Editor, Inside Higher Ed

This engaging and personal panel discussion will shed light on tough issues facing higher education today and how we can (and should) address those challenges. Hear from a dynamic group of panelists, including David Burge, Vice President for Enrollment Management, George Mason University; Jay Murray, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, Western Connecticut State University; John Pyle, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota; and higher education thought leader and Principal of Render Experiences, Jeff Kallay.

10:00 am - 10:30 am           MORNING BREAK (Mini Training)

Mini Training: An Introduction to the New Xpert Academy

10:30 am - 11:30 am           Session 6

Text First, Talk Later: Using SMS to Maximize Event Registration and Attendance
Nicole Shannon, TargetX
Today’s students aren’t just mobile first—for many they are mobile only. With this comes a desire for immediate access and confirmation, and TargetX is here to help. Join us as we discuss how to utilize SMS with the mobile-first Events feature to drive up Event Registration and Attendance. Send your students texts now so you can get them to campus for a face-to-face chat later!

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: End Users, Marketing


Imposing Restraint in a Distributed System: Employing IT Change Management Strategies in Functional Organizations
Erika Ogedegbe, Tyson Brown, and Felice Jackson; George Washington University
One of the great powers of TargetX and CRM systems, in general, is that unlike many ERPs, it is highly configurable and typically there are more “power users” with the access and power to make changes to enhance their use of the system. The flip side is that this also opens up risk for mass updates on the wrong records, version control conundrums and total and utter chaos. Luckily we have averted total chaos, but have and are experiencing growing pains with the adoption of change management within functional organizations.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin, Executive


Product Roadmap Session & Feedback (Encore Presentation)
TargetX Product Team
Join the TargetX product team for a robust conversation about our products and what’s in the future. Come share your feedback and help drive the product roadmap! (This session is occurring twice to allow for maximum participation.)

Tags: Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Unlocking the Power of Social (Media)
John Sterni, TargetX
Come learn how Social Studio from Salesforce can be used alongside TargetX to enhance your recruitment strategies. From scheduling posts to social media to promote upcoming events, driving email campaigns based on analytics, and streamlining your social media responses, your social media strategy will never be the same.

Tags: Marketing, Communication, & Engagement
Audience: Marketing


Show Me The Data: Integration Best Practices
Scott Jones, TargetX
A CRM without good data is like a car without fuel – it may look nice, but it won’t get you where you need to go. In this session, TargetX will share best practices around data integration to help set you up for long-term success. Our experts will discuss best practices for data imports and exports, including matching and duplicate reduction, file layout recommendations, using audit reports and data import tags to track and manage your integrations, and more.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin


Exceptional Student Experience Throughout the Admissions Funnel

Jay Murray, Western Connecticut State University and Abe Gruber, TargetX
Learn how Western Connecticut State University is delivering an exceptional student experience by communicating more effectively with their prospective students and driving more interest to important campus events. In this session, we will explore how to utilize the TargetX Suite of Solutions to plan, build, and track marketing and communication activities and maximize results in admissions!

Tags: Recruitment,Marketing, Engagement
Audience: All


Go-Live Lessons Learned at UMBC
Steven Harris and Sonya Crosby, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
The presenters will share their experience of going live with TargetX’s Recruitment Suite on 1/30/2017. Learn about the accomplishments and challenges UMBC faced throughout their go-live process, how they’re using the CRM today, and their plans for the future.

Tags: Recruitment
Audience: Executive, Admin

11:30 am - 12:30 pm           BIRDS OF A FEATHER LUNCH
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm             Session 7

Applications 101: Best Practices in Creating and Updating Online Application Forms
Jim DeSanto, TargetX
The TargetX Form Builder helps you design and update your mobile-first online application using an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, but with so many options, where do you begin? Join TargetX as we share best practices to guide your work and help you quickly launch and easily maintain your online applications.

Tags: Recruitment, Best Practices
Audience: Admin


Successfully Integrating TargetX with Gmail and Outlook
Noah Hunter, The King’s College and Sue Fernand, Cirrus Insight
Recruitment and retention rely on great communication and detailed tracking. Most of us use Gmail or Outlook to communicate with prospective and current students, and we use TargetX to keep track of relationships with applicants and students. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, you want to track your email activities and calendar appointments in TargetX, and you want to update TargetX without leaving your inbox. See how we use Cirrus Insight to integrate our email, calendar, and TargetX.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement
Audience: Admin, Power Users


Accepting the Right Students: Simplify the Application Review Process
Angel Navedo, TargetX
Deciding on your next incoming class is exciting. However, for many schools, the application review process continues to be manual and tedious. With TargetX’s Decision Tool, schools can simplify and speed-up the application review process for reviewers! Learn more about how our user-friendly interface (computer & iPad), automation, and workflows can make accepting your students easier!

Tags: Recruitment, Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Summer Release Live! 
Colby Lavin and Olivier Chaine, TargetX
Learn more about our upcoming release and how it can revolutionize your communication strategy, transform your  engagement with students, and significantly reduce administrative load.

Tags: Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Using the (Visual)force: Supporting Decision Letter Changes with Intentional Design
Jim Seymour, TargetX
Whether you’re making minor modifications to your content or creating new letters for new programs, maintaining your decision letters each year is an important job. Join TargetX as we share tips and tricks around decision letter design to help make lighter work of ongoing maintenance.

Tags: Technology & Data
Audience: Admin


Best Practices in HEDA Migration
Oscar Ferreiro and Noe Vela, University of Texas at San Antonio
Learn how the University of Texas at San Antonio migrated and customized their TargetX solution for HEDA in order to more effectively manage their students throughout the lifecycle.

Tags: Technology & Data, Enterprise
Audience: All


Engage Their Way: Reach Applicants and Students at Their Fingertips
SMS Magic
Texting is the preferred medium of communication with millennials, driving 90% read rates, 3 minute average response times and 45% response rates! Find out how you can better engage your students with best practices and compliance as your foundation.

Tags: Recruitment; Marketing, Communication, & Engagement
Audience: All


1:30 pm - 2:00 pm               AFTERNOON BREAK (Mini Training)

Mini Training: Engaging Staff in the Student Success Center

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm               Session 8

TargetX Top 10 List: Our Favorite CRM Tips & Tricks
Abe Gruber and Christopher Dempsey, TargetX

Looking for new ways to take your CRM to the next level?  Interested in TargetX features/tools you might not know about?  Join TargetX’ers Abe Gruber and Chris Dempsey as they reveal valuable tips and tricks for making the most of your CRM – both for your students and users.  This fun and informative session will cover all TargetX products across all skill levels.  You don’t want to miss out!

Tags: Best Practices
Audience: End Users, Power Users


Making the Case for the Infusion of Marketing into the Graduate School Strategy: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Elda Barajas and Debrenna Agbenyiga, University of Texas at San Antonio
The evolution of The UTSA Graduate School included a new branding and marketing strategy that was aligned with recruitment, admissions and student success in an effort to increase graduate student enrollment. In this session, participants will obtain an overview of our brand identity and its interconnectedness to strategies for increased recruitment, admissions and student success that has become seamless across the three dimensions. Participants will also obtain an understanding of how we market to our students to create a greater sense of community among our graduate students across two campuses. Lessons learned and strategies for best practices will be shared.

Tags: Marketing, Engagement, Enterprise
Audience: Marketing, Executive


Panel Discussion: Approaches to Creating Dynamic Student Portals
Phil Wood, London School of Economics, Alex Fonseca, George Washington University, Adam Rathge, University of Dayton
Interested in the TargetX Portal? Attend this panel discussion to learn how three institutions (London School of Economics, The George Washington University & University of Dayton) took different approaches to create personalized portals for their students.

Tags: Recruitment, Product Spotlight
Audience: All


Analyze This! Leveraging Campaign Analytics to Improve Email Communication
Tom Nicholas, University of Richmond
Email remains a critical piece of any multi-channel communication strategy, but as inboxes become ever more inundated, it’s continually harder for messages to reach your audiences and make an impact. Fortunately, Campaign Intelligence Reports provide an opportunity to assess your emails’ efficacy, inform marketing messages, and better plan communication flows… if you know how to use them strategically. Discover how admission staff at the University of Richmond have leveraged analytics to develop and fine-tune emails, from general marketing messages to time-sensitive action emails, ultimately leading to improved email open and engagement rates across the board. Tom will discuss basic analytics interpretation, establishing institutional baselines, evaluating campaign efficacy, streamlining content based on data, and even homegrown A/B testing. The case study centers on undergraduate recruitment, but the principles are broadly applicable to any audience. Is email still effective in 2017? Absolutely – but you have to be smart about it.

Tags: Technology & Data, Marketing, Engagement
Audience: Marketing, Power Users


CANCELED – Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Org Healthy 
In the current work climate, employees are asked to wear more and more hats. What if one of your new hats is system administrator for Target X? But…you don’t work in IT. Now what do you do? Don’t panic, we’ve got your back!

Tags: Non-Tech Admins
Audience: End Users, Power Users


Making Complex Implementations Easier: A Case Study for Developing the Strategy and Buy-In for Technology
Amanda English, The University of South Carolina – Palmetto College and Mickey Baines, Kennedy & Company
The University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College oversees the University’s online programs, as well as four regional, two-year campuses. In 2014, Palmetto College began implementing a single, shared TargetX CRM for all campuses. In this session, the presenters will break down the process for building the implementation plan, the strategy for getting buy-in from five different admissions teams, and the communication needed to keep all parties informed and ready to effectively use the system.

Tags: Enterprise
Audience: Admin, Executive


Best Practices for Re-Enrolling “Stop Out” Students 
Sarah Horn, ReUp Education
Nearly 35 million Americans have some college credit yet no degree. What are you doing at your institution to support these students in coming back to school and graduating from college? In this session, we will explore best practices and data insights that ReUp Education has gleaned after working with a re-entry pool of nearly 60,000 students in the last 6 months. You will walk away with tangible recommendations and suggestions that you can immediately implement at your institution.

Audience: Recruitment, Executive

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