Antioch University Gains an Optimization Partner Whose Value is “Nearly Double the Cost of the Service” through TargetX Premier Services

Challenges: Too many different application forms and no digital review option was holding Antioch back

Antioch University operates six campuses, including an online university and a low residency PhD program, offering close to 200 degrees and concentrations. They primarily serve non-traditional adult students in a variety of programs rooted the Antioch University mission commitment to social, environmental, and economic justice. In 2017, Antioch had more than 400 different applications for their programs.

“It was an intense process to maintain all of those applications and it was not remotely efficient,” said Zephyr Ethier, University Director of Enrollment Management Operations. “Programs couldn’t share an application unless they had the exact same start terms. We have programs that are identical in every way except one might have a summer and fall start, which meant we needed totally different applications.”

In addition to having hundreds of different applications, those applications had no digital review process. “We were still printing paper applications, which meant more time to produce and package files, and more time developing careful processes to manage the risk inherent in paper application review.”

Antioch was managing a lot with a small team. While they knew something needed to change, staff bandwidth was short. They needed a new CRM solution and an online application, but they also required someone who could help optimize any new tools they adopted to ensure the best value possible for their investment.

Solutions: Antioch adopts the TargetX Recruitment Suite with Online Application and gains a new dedicated TargetX staffer to help optimize them

Through a rigorous RFP process, Antioch landed on the TargetX Recruitment Suite and Online Application because it provided the customizability, flexibility, efficiency, and additional support options that Antioch needed to reach its goals.

The TargetX Online Application system has an intuitive, drag-and-drop application builder that allows Antioch to customize and brand their applications according to their own guidelines, create conditional elements that relate to different programs’ unique requirements, and immediately access applicant data directly in the CRM. That means applications can be dramatically streamlined. Staff can manage and make changes to fields at any time to update the application in real-time and can access all applications remotely, on the go. Reviewers can view an applicant’s test scores, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and any other requirements all in one web-based interface while leaving comments and assigning scores to different sections according to Antioch’s predefined rubric.

This has been a game changer, says Ethier. “Imagine not having a digital solution in the middle of a pandemic? Now, our staff can work from anywhere, safely and efficiently, without being tied to a physical space.”

Antioch found the support option they needed in TargetX Premier Services, which provides three options that go beyond the support received with CRM implementation: Premier Lite, Premier, and PremierX. Antioch chose PremierX, which provides a more consultative approach, allowing the team to interact deeply through customized trainings, consultations, and working sessions dedicated to whatever topic or solution Antioch desires.

Through the adoption of TargetX Premier Services, Antioch now has “another part-time person on the team whose sole objective is to help drive innovation in [their] system,” says Ethier. “Our TargetX team member knows us. They understand who we are and what we need to maximize success. We have been able to grow the system by leaps and bounds through incredible customization due to our Premier Services partnership.”

Outcomes: Antioch reduces number of application forms by 75 percent and gains a partner that provides “nearly double the cost of service”

With the adoption of TargetX, Antioch reduced their number of application forms by 75 percent, streamlining how prospects apply to their hundreds of programs. They moved all of their application information from paper to digital and empowered their staff with efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to work from anywhere.

“Adopting TargetX certainly saved a lot of time,” says Ethier. “I think there’s a strong relationship between the time we saved not having to maintain and update hundreds of applications, the incredible customizations that we’ve implemented with our PremierX partnership, and our success with increased applicant numbers.”

Ethier adds, “TargetX’s ability to build and maintain relationships with their clients is a high watermark in the industry. In a pretty crowded market, being able to create relationships that really are both professionally and personally fulfilling is exceptional, and the value we get is nearly double the cost of the service.”

Antioch University at a Glance

  • Founded in 1852
  • Six campuses including an online campus and a low-residency PhD program
  • Serves non-traditional undergraduates, as well as graduate & doctoral students
  • Goal to “educate the next generation of those determined to win victories for humanity”

TargetX Solutions


Antioch University needed a CRM that has:

  • A flexible online application with a digital review process and easy customizations; and
  • The option to add an expert consultant to the Antioch team to help optimize the use of new technologies.

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