Welcome to the TargetXperience

A “Train the Trainer” Approach for CRM Admins

The TargetXperience gives you the flexibility to send one, or a few admins and power users to our virtual training sessions for two days of immersive training — and they’ll leave with the tools they need to bring the rest of your staff onboard.

This cohort training model goes beyond basic product knowledge and teaches your admins how to manage new user onboarding and gives your team the chance to network with other institutions who are also about to go live with TargetX.

Collaborate with other higher ed institutions, learn best practices, and support long-term adoption of TargetX tools on your campus.

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Interested in Learning More? Reach out to your Project Manager if you’re in implementation, or your Client Success Manager if you’re a current TargetX client

East Coast Time:

February 8-11 (Recruitment Focus)
February 22-25 (Retention Focus)
April 12-15 (Recruitment Focus)

West Coast Time:

January 18-21 (Recruitment Focus)
March 8-11 (Recruitment Focus)
April 26-29 (Retention Focus)

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a month on either East Coast time or West Coast time, our trainers host four half-day intensives. During these days, your team will learn the methodology to train your own staff, support adoption and create long-term plans for onboarding new team members.

The focus of these sessions is how to train and adapt training materials to fit your business needs, rather than emphasizing on product-specific knowledge. These sessions do not focus on product training, so we recommend all attendees complete training in Xpert Hub prior to arrival.

Historically, we have seen that clients with project teams who play an active role in their implementation have more successful projects, launches, and widespread adoption. In short: participation creates value. Applying that same ideology to training allows a deeper understanding of how our product suite can contribute to your success as an institution. It means more because you know your business needs much more intimately than anybody on the TargetX side does, plus you support and work with your end users regularly.

With this train the trainer approach, we’ll teach you to support training needs internally, and further enable your team’s ownership of onboarding, internal business documentation, etc. This approach also allows users of all kinds to get involved and actively participate in the creation of processes and to facilitate training. Allowing administrators to offload some of that less technical work frees up your key resources in that area, and opens up other staff to professional development opportunities at relatively little cost.

Throughout and following the workshop, you receive access to the TargetX Training Library, which includes sample training agendas, customizable slide decks, artifacts that detail training scenarios, and guides to apply industry best practices in your own training. In addition, we deliver material to help clients embed their own institutional business processes in the training model, and discuss ways that TargetX continues to support you after your launch – in other words, your users should have a seamless training experience.

Also included in this model is the opportunity to be a part of a cohort. Peer to peer conversations are one of the most highly sought after facets of a user community, and this approach to training bundles you with other users in similar stages of their project, who can offer additional insights that may benefit your institution.

Finally, once you’ve synthesized all you’ve learned during the TargetXperience, we offer a pre-training call with a member of the training team, who can review your training plan and strategy before you administer the training to your users. This call can include reviewing potential hands-on activities such as reporting scenarios, discussing questions related to the best way to check configuration and test before training, and a roundtable to ensure you’ve covered the day-to-day CRM usage for all groups of your internal users.

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