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TargetX + Uversity

Completing the Recruitment Suite. Enhancing Student Communications.

TargetX Acquires Uversity.

Now colleges and universities have all of the tools they need to engage students in a powerful, mobile-based community allowing them to work more effectively through real-time reports, dashboards and student data all in one place, accessible from anywhere, that meet the immediate needs in the recruitment process.

We are excited to announce that Uversity products will now be available in the TargetX CRM solution suite. The products integrating with the TargetX CRM not only enhance new solutions like our Retention and Student Success CRM, but they complete the already robust TargetX Recruitment Suite.

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TargetX and Uversity

Hear from TargetX CEO Sasha Peterson and Uversity CEO Jamie Glenn on the integration between the TargetX CRM and Uversity's solutions

The Solutions Coming to the TargetX CRM.


Schools App

Schools App is a private, online community for your incoming class. Engage your future students with targeted, personalized messaging while gaining unique insight into their likelihood to enroll.


Enrollment Intelligence

Enrollment Intelligence (EI) is a premium feature of Schools App that uses real-time, social behavioral data to predict admitted students’ rank and probability to enroll. Make proactive, data-driven decisions by knowing in advance which students are interested in your school.



UChat offers real-time student support for your admissions website. Personalize your admissions website with your campuses best ambassadors.

Learn more about the acquisition of Uversity in our press release.

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