Corporate Partnerships

Meet the partners we believe will provide the best experience for you and keep your campus on track

Axiom Elite is the data management hub for Higher Education. It allows institutions to manage their data across their campus by integrating their ERP with other third party data sources. It is more than your typical extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool because it not only performs matching on existing ERP records but it also validates the data against the ERP, prior to importing into the ERP.

Front Rush offers the nation’s leading Athletic Recruiting CRM. Working with TargetX, we have co-developed an easy to configure data integration which allows colleges to seamlessly share prospect and applicant data between Admissions and Athletics using the FR Pass data integration platform ( The TargetX/Front Rush integration helps colleges simultaneously improve athletic recruiting while fostering better communication between Athletics and Admissions.

Render Experiences helps colleges and universities build campus visit experiences that connect with students and families. The Render consultants specialize in auditing campus visit experiences, tour guide training, assisting with campus buy-in and implementing strategic and tactical plans to help support enrollment goals.

Our CRM for Higher Education is designed by TargetX and powered by Salesforce – the worldwide leader in on-demand Customer Relationship Management and a pioneer in cloud computing. TargetX works directly with the Salesforce Foundation, the higher education and non-profit branch of the business. We are a proud partner of’s Salesforce1 for Higher Ed solution suite.