CRM Implementation

Managing your project services one step at a time

We’re not just a vendor, we’re a partner for your success

Our Philosophy TargetX views our clients as partners and believes that their success is our success. We know that choosing a CRM solution is just the first step towards achieving your goals. Our Implementation Services team is dedicated to ensuring that you and your team successfully achieve your recruitment, retention and advancement targets through our CRM solutions.

Your Success We will collaborate closely with you during implementation to ensure that the system is customized and configured to meet your needs. And we will even help you review your business processes to make sure the system (and your team) functions as efficiently and effectively as possible. The CRM is an investment, and getting the most out of it is critical to your success.

While working with you, our Implementation Services team will:

Understand Your Business Process

Before we begin any project, we will speak with you and your team to get a thorough understanding of your current processes and your ideal business processes. This way, we can help your team adopt and make the most out of your CRM.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Each school is unique. We will help you customize the system to fit your current needs and teach you how to adjust it to meet future needs.

Share Best Practices

We have implemented our CRM at schools across the country. We have learned a lot from these implementations and are happy to share our recommendations and best practices with you to ensure your success.

Ensure an On-time Go-Live

We are committed to helping you be successful in a timely manner. We will work closely with your team throughout the implementation to ensure that milestones are met and you are well-prepared to turn on the system during Go-Live.

Communicate Openly and Regularly

A successful partnership is founded on good communication. Our team will communicate regularly with the project sponsors, system administrators and the core implementation team to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Integrate Seamlessly

We know that the CRM is not the only system you depend on. We will work with you to integrate your systems and make sure that data is synchronized seamlessly.

What follows Implementation?