Increase Enrollment of Best-Fit Students with TargetX Recruitment Suite

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Execute Your Recruitment Strategy. See Real Results.

Recruit a larger class of best-fit students for your institution.

The TargetX Recruitment Suite empowers admissions teams to build stronger relationships with prospects by leveraging best-of-breed communication tools that automatically track student engagement throughout the recruitment cycle all in one comprehensive CRM.

Make your touchpoints meaningful with a level of personalization that students crave. Then, once they decide to visit your campus, wow them with a seamless registration process that doesn’t leave them (or their parents!) with a headache for the entirety of their information session or campus tour.

Make a student’s experience with your institution memorable both online and in person to increase their likelihood of making your school their first choice.

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Convert more applications into deposited enrollments.

Lower the barriers to entry for students during the admissions process and convert more prospects into applications with the TargetX Recruitment Suite of mobile-first technology solutions. TargetX data uncovered that 13% of students actually completed a school’s application from their mobile device.

Meet students where they are with an online application that can be submitted from the palm of their hand, without having to “pinch and zoom” or “save for later.”

Review and manage submitted applications on-the-go with ease, leaving notes and scores for other reviewers to consider during the review process. Then, instantly post your admission decision in an interactive, customized student portal.

Beat summer melt by inviting accepted students to join your school’s private mobile community so they can connect and engage with other students, faculty, and staff

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Use actionable data to prove the ROI of your recruitment strategies.

The TargetX Recruitment Suite helps you make data-driven decisions to support and engage students across the student lifecycle by leveraging student data and insights from your campus’s Student Information System and other platforms.

Become a one-stop shop for students’ needs with a snapshot of all of a student’s data — from event registrations to communication touchpoints to financial aid information — all in one place.

With all of the data at your fingertips, you can easily build dynamic reports and generate robust dashboards to analyze the success of new admissions and enrollment initiatives.

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Want to take your data even further? Check out TargetX Insights!

TargetX Insights is an entirely new business model offering – “data science-as-a-service,” reimagining the way institutions use historical data to make more meaningful, data-driven decisions on campus. Our offering includes capabilities from interactive enrollment funnel visualizations to historical activity-based comparisons like campus visit registrations so that teams feel empowered to draw conclusions from their data and take action.

While many admissions offices have struggled with year-over-year reporting due to the state of their data, Insights aims to solve not just that, but propel enrollment managers and IT leaders into the future with sophisticated data science.


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TargetX Recruitment Suite Provides the Features You Need to Increase Applications

Workflow Automation

Automatically assign prospects to recruiters based on territory mappings, route applications to reviewers, and much more.

Form Builder

Create web forms for inquiries and events that record submission data on the student record in real time.


Launch and track personalized call campaigns from birthdays to application follow-ups with queues and analytics.


Keep Students Connected and Engaged
Throughout Their Unique Journey

Go beyond the traditional student lifecycle with the TargetX suite of solutions. Engage your students with every interaction, every communication, and every click with out-of-the-box technology that puts the student experience front and center in recruitment and retention.


Recruitment Suite

Transform enrollment management and power admissions productivity with intuitive, mobile-first functionality designed just for higher ed.


Retention Suite

Build meaningful connections with current students and improve their experience with prescriptive technology that drives outcomes.

Best of All, TargetX Plays Well With Others:

TargetX 💕's

TargetX is a proud partner of, and all of our solution suites are certified EDA core compatible. is the higher education and nonprofit branch of, the #1 CRM platform in the world.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to find a community of partners that can further enhance your TargetX CRM and the student experience!

TargetX CRM + Your SIS = 🤝

TargetX institutions have bi-directional integrations with student information systems like Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, PowerCampus, Jenzabar, and even homegrown or mainframe systems. TargetX also integrates with data management providers like Axiom to validate data accuracy, prevent duplicate records, and increase productivity.

Easily Process Payments in TargetX 💰

TargetX integrates with common higher ed payment gateways like PayPal, TouchNet, Elavon, HigherOne/CASHNet, Nelnet, CyberSource, ACI/OPC, and many more. All payments collected through your preferred payment gateway are automatically recorded on the student record in the CRM.

TargetX Supports Your Centralized App 📝

TargetX provides functionality to directly load data and documents from online applications like the Common Application (SDS), CAS applications like GMAC (LOR), and statewide application services like ApplyTexas into the CRM. Many institutions choose to adopt the TargetX Online Application in addition to their centralized application to support an improved student experience.

TargetX Keeps Your Score Data 💯

TargetX provides pre-built file imports and releases for test score providers including SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, Advanced Placement, and many more. TargetX also supports direct integration with Parchment for transcript management and offers imports for various search/marketing data providers such as NRCCUA, SSS, and Cappex.

TargetX Plays Well With Others:

TargetX institutions have bi-directional integrations with their existing student information system. Plus, TargetX provides pre-built imports and releases annual updates for common higher ed test score providers, transcript management systems, search/marketing data providers, centralized applications, and payment gateways to minimize administrative work in the CRM and maximize time spent supporting students.

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