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The TargetX Insights platform allows your office to leverage data-science-as-a-service and advanced analytics to take action across the student lifecycle.

Transform the way your office views data and focus resources on areas with the greatest impact.

TargetX Insights is an entirely new business model offering—data science-as-a-service—reimagining the way institutions use historical data to make more meaningful, data-driven decisions on campus. We’re launching Insights with content focused on enrollment analytics such as real-time funnel visualizations and historical comparisons of submitted applications so that teams feel empowered to draw conclusions from their data and take action.

Drive your enrollment strategy with advanced reporting, predictive analytics, and prescriptive insights.

Over the coming months we will be diving deeper into AI, predictive analytics, and then ultimately prescriptive projections based on historical enrollment and constituent data. While many admissions offices have struggled with year-over-year reporting due to the state of their data, Insights aims to solve not just that, but propel enrollment managers and IT leaders into the future with sophisticated data science.

“The CRM as a whole is an amazing benefit for our entire staff and the proof is in how much they are using it! I am TargetX’s biggest fan and I look forward to the gains ahead in recruitment and retention.”

Jessie Payne
CRM Specialist
Skagit Valley Community College

TargetX Retention Suite Provides the Tools You Need to Improve Student Success

Print Mailings

Create beautifully-branded print pieces, queue print campaigns, and track each mailing as part of your communication plan.

Workflow Automation

Automate business processes to minimize administrative work on the backend for staff and maximize their time spent supporting students.


Launch and track personalized call campaigns from birthdays to registration deadline reminders with queues and analytics.

Keep Students Connected and Delighted Throughout the Student Journey

Go beyond the traditional student lifecycle with the TargetX suite of solutions. Delight your students in every interaction, every communication, and every click with out-of-the-box technology that puts the student experience front and center in recruitment and retention.

Recruitment Suite

Transform enrollment management and power admissions productivity with intuitive, mobile-first functionality designed just for higher ed.

Retention Suite

Build meaningful connections with current students and improve their experience with prescriptive technology that drives outcomes.

Best of All, TargetX Plays Well With Others:

TargetX is Salesforce Compatible

TargetX 💕's

TargetX is a proud partner of, and all of our solution suites are certified HEDA core compatible. is the higher education and nonprofit branch of, the #1 CRM platform in the world.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to find a community of partners that can further enhance your TargetX CRM and the student experience!

TargetX CRM + Your SIS = 🤝

TargetX institutions have bi-directional integrations with student information systems like Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, PowerCampus, Jenzabar, and even homegrown or mainframe systems. TargetX also integrates with data management providers like Axiom to validate data accuracy, prevent duplicate records, and increase productivity.

Easily Process Payments in TargetX 💰

TargetX integrates with common higher ed payment gateways like PayPal, TouchNet, Elavon, HigherOne/CASHNet, Nelnet, CyberSource, ACI/OPC, and many more. All payments collected through your preferred payment gateway are automatically recorded on the student record in the CRM.

TargetX Supports Your Centralized App 📝

TargetX provides functionality to directly load data and documents from online applications like the Common Application (SDS), CAS applications like GMAC (LOR), and statewide application services like ApplyTexas into the CRM. Many institutions choose to adopt the TargetX Online Application in addition to their centralized application to support an improved student experience.

TargetX Keeps Your Score Data 💯

TargetX provides pre-built file imports and releases for test score providers including SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, Advanced Placement, and many more. TargetX also supports direct integration with Parchment for transcript management and offers imports for various search/marketing data providers such as NRCCUA, SSS, and Cappex.

TargetX Plays Well With Others:

TargetX institutions have bi-directional integrations with their existing student information system. Plus, TargetX provides pre-built imports and releases annual updates for common higher ed test score providers, transcript management systems, search/marketing data providers, centralized applications, and payment gateways to minimize administrative work in the CRM and maximize time spent supporting students.

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