At TargetX, we’ve always been a little different.

Different in how we treat our clients, in how we treat each other and in the results that we achieve. That difference is best captured in our vision, mission and values that serve as the foundation of our unique company culture.

TargetX is now a Liaison International company. Together we have formed the most comprehensive admissions and enrollment management solution for colleges and universities around the world. The Liaison product portfolio now includes all the elements needed to solve the issues facing colleges with the focus on successful outcomes – whether they be enrollment management, application management or retention. 

Now combining a full student-lifecycle CRM that provides all the tools needed to engage with students throughout the recruitment and student success process with rich marketing services designed to help shape and grow your class with campaigns and digital print, the best-of-breed resulting solutions will help schools and universities to “build a better class” and act as a catalyst for clients to expand applicant pools and simultaneously streamline the efficiency of their admissions back offices.

Together the combined business is the largest admissions company in the world, currently used in one out of every three colleges across the country, uniquely positioned and highly qualified to completely fulfill the complexity of requirements for any admissions or student success office. 

Our Mission

We are a higher ed company.  

We build enterprise software that will challenge colleges and universities to transform the way they support their prospects, students and alumni.  

We strive to be the premier solution for student lifecycle management focused on student experience and outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is our purpose.  

It is what each of us is driven to do and why we choose to work here. We know the work we’re doing has an impact on the world we live in. For us, that vision is simple:

Make every student a graduate and every graduate a success.

Our Values