Community College Focus: Addressing Equity-Minded, Inclusive, and Culturally Responsive Student Initiatives


Community Colleges continue to play an important role in breaking the barriers to student access and success. At TargetX, we are committed to helping not just our clients, but all of higher education in developing equity-minded, inclusive, and culturally responsive Recruitment and Student Success initiatives.

The purpose of this national discussion is to bring to light the work Community Colleges across the country are taking to address the racial equity gaps within their institutions and the communities they reside. By bringing together thought leaders in the Community College segment of higher education, attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn how other Community Colleges across the country are implementing equity-minded, inclusive, and culturally responsive student initiatives.
  • Understand how outside organizations are supporting the work of Community Colleges in closing the racial equity gap.
  • Discover potential future trends to support institutional responses to support access and success of diverse student populations.


Our Presenters: 

  • Dr. Steady Moono (He/Him), President at SUNY Schenectady
  • Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez (She/Her), President at Montgomery County Community College
  • Dr. Claudia Habib (She/Her), President at Porterville Community College
  • Dr. Monica Parrish Trent (She/Her), Vice President for Network Engagement at Achieving the Dream