TargetX Brings The First Mobile Admissions’ Application—and the Most Compelling Enrollment Solution on the Market—to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) Conference

PHILADELPHIA, PA October 1, 2015–TargetX showcases the first online application designed for students during the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) conference, October 1-3 in San Diego, CA.

TargetX’s new student-centric Online Application is the first of its kind and the latest product released in the Recruitment CRM, the most comprehensive and compelling suite of recruitment solutions available in higher ed. Unlike most mobile applications framed around outdated paper models, TargetX’s Online Application appeals to the growing number of students who use their phones to apply to college.

“Students are no longer linear,” points out April Welch, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Illinois Institute of Technology. “Other apps assume that a student is going to start the app, sit there and complete it. The TargetX app gives students the opportunity to jump around to the sections they want to. It gives them a great visual displaying the estimated time remaining to finish the app. Really, it is more geared towards the way students actually complete applications. Given the fact that they are applying to multiple places it is important to have a professional interface that gives our applicants a fast and smooth experience.”

A Comprehensive Recruitment Suite of Solutions
In addition to the new Online Application, decision and scoring tools facilitate a paperless application review process, while student-yield tools like UChat provide meaningful socio-behavioral data and communications opportunities. Every component of the CRM is backed by complete implementation services, training and an experienced support team for colleges to be successful.

“At TargetX, we’ve reimagined the entire recruitment process to better serve the needs of both students and admissions professionals,” says CEO of TargetX, Sasha Peterson. “We invite admissions professionals to come see for themselves at the NACAC Conference in San Diego. They’ll see how simple it is to build customized applications that attract students. They’ll also witness the countless ways that applicants–who crave organization and guidance in their application experience–drove our product development process.“

Visit TargetX at NACAC
Experience the ease and functionality of TargetX’s new Online Application. Build your own application, review the backend functionality, and then explore the other modules of the recruitment suite — from the iPad and web-based application review solution to the fully integrated engagement and yield tools. TargetX will be available in booth 301 and 312 October 1-3. Learn more or schedule an appointment at:

About TargetX
TargetX is the leading CRM company in higher education, reimagining the student experience through campuswide solutions that help colleges and universities build lifelong relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni. The company’s CRM is built on the powerful platform — the most innovative customer relationship management system in the world. TargetX offers the most compelling and complete set of solutions, including the recent addition to the solution suite of two mobile-designed modules. A student-centric online application for admissions and a student engagement platform to help institutions improve enrollment and student success. With its 17-year reputation for innovative technology and industry expertise, TargetX is the most trusted CRM provider in higher education.