Technology Leader, Vivian Wong, Brings Proven Track Record in Managing Successful Global Engineering Teams, Superior Product Development and Customer-Focus

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 08, 2016  — TargetX, the leading provider of campuswide CRM solutions for higher education, announced the appointment of Vivian Wong to Chief Technology Officer.

After a year of major new product releases, acquisition of the leading enrollment and analytics firm, and significant client growth, the announcement signals TargetX’s commitment to both continued product development and customer satisfaction, core areas of expertise for Wong, who has a proven track record in delivering high quality products on time.

Vivian Wong is a dynamic, outcome driven and accomplished technology leader who brings a wealth of experience and talent in developing world-class software and guiding the outcomes of global engineering teams.  Prior to joining TargetX, Wong served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Service Max, a cloud-based solution for field-service providers built on the same leading platform as TargetX — Salesforce.

I was so excited when the CEO of TargetX, Sasha Peterson, described his vision for product development at TargetX,” says Wong. “The TargetX culture, completely focused on helping their customers, colleges and universities, communicate more effectively with students, really spoke to me. I love the fact that the mission at TargetX is about making an impact in the field of higher education and the world.”

“It’s perfect timing to bring Vivian Wong’s energy, expertise and technology leadership to TargetX,” says CEO of TargetX, Sasha Peterson. “She has led multiple global engineering teams all over the world at places such as PeopleSoft, Taleo, Oracle and Service Max. Throughout her career, Wong has remained focused on customers, aligning her passion for product development and scalability with customer needs, which matches our approach at TargetX perfectly.”

“I’m not the kind of engineer who sits behind a desk,” continues Wong. “I enjoy interacting directly with customers and building products around their strategic and operational needs. I’ve been in the enterprise space for most of my career. My area of focus is really about bringing scalability in three different areas—people, process and product.”

TargetX continues its growth in higher ed as the industry leading CRM solution across campuses, reimagining how colleges can break down data silos, engage with students more effectively and reduce costs.

About TargetX
TargetX empowers institutions of higher ed to deliver on their promise — provide students with the skills necessary to achieve their life and career aspirations. We achieve this by solving the crisis of student success by creating a connected campus bridging data from enrollment to endowment. The company’s CRM is built on the powerful platform — the most innovative customer relationship management system in the world. TargetX offers the most compelling and complete set of solutions, including the recent addition to the solution suite of two mobile-designed modules. The leading CRM company in higher ed, TargetX is reimagining the student experience through campuswide solutions that help colleges and universities build lifelong relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni.  With its 17-year reputation for innovative technology and industry expertise, TargetX is the most trusted CRM provider in higher ed.