Guest Post: SMS-Magic
SMS-Magic is a Platinum Sponsor at the 2017 TargetX Summit

If you happen to stroll around any college campus, you’re likely to see students walking with heads down, engrossed deeply in their mobile devices without caring a dime about the universe around them. Finding ways to communicate with these students is challenging for colleges. But as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Place your communication front and center on those very mobile screens! And how? With text messaging.

Let us look at a few use cases in which you can use texting to engage students.

1. Orientation Texts

The first year of college life is quite confusing and the transition from high school to college requires a nurturing hand.

Texts like the above image use case help in making the student aware of various clubs and extracurricular activities that can help her network, make friends, and learn skills beyond academics.

2. Text to High Performers

Acknowledging high performers in different ways as shown in this use case can help in engaging students meaningfully.

3. Text for Support

College life includes high aspirations, peer pressure, part-time jobs, etc. Even a seemingly bright student can hit a low phase, which may affect his academic performance. In such a case, timely intervention as is shown in this text use case can help in motivating students to perform to their true potential.

You can send automated yet personalized texts throughout the student lifecycle by integrating a text application in your Salesforce CRM. Besides providing operational ease, it helps in placing all communication between students and university in one place.

One of our customers, Clark Rolli, Director of Admission Technology at Westminster College, will share his insights on Engaging and Reaching Applicants and Students with Texting at the TargetX Summit on Tuesday, June 27 at 12:30 PM (CT).

About SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic is a proven bi-directional text messaging application that integrates with Salesforce. It works seamlessly with TargetX to enable individual and batch conversations with current and prospective students. Increase student engagement with batch texting, scheduled texts, and no-coding workflow driven texts with workflow driven keyword responses.