Case Study: TargetX and George Mason University

TargetX’s Schools App creates a robust online community that is mobile, customized, and sparks (and maintains) student interest

Challenges: The George Mason University admissions staff felt the pressure to grow enrollment yield, but remained stifled by old tools that were not helping them engage with admitted students.

“We continued to see higher and higher expectations for enrollment growth, but we lacked a way to engage students that made them think differently about Mason, particularly through a mobile application,” says Matthew Boyce, director of enrollment management at George Mason University. “Without mobile capability, we were not meeting students where they were. That had to change.”

Solutions: TargetX Schools App creates a community approach to student enrollment that works

Enter the TargetX Schools App.

“Schools App was the only platform I found in the marketplace that allowed for mobile and for us to engage in a more robust way across campus,” says Boyce. “Faculty, staff, and our current students charged with talking to prospective students could now connect with ease.”

Schools App is a university-branded mobile community that connects incoming students with university staff and one another to encourage enrollment and continued engagement. The Schools App tool allows universities to nurture prospective students, target those who are on the fence, and predict student likelihood to enroll. It also builds community before students ever arrive on campus in order to ease the transition to college and keep students connected to each other and the university.

Schools App encourages George Mason to have a more cohesive, and collective communications experience between the university and prospective students. Boyce explains, “Schools App allows us to break down the silos associated with student communications. Now, each of the different offices on campus can communicate with students simultaneously, in the same space. Additionally, if a student wants to talk to another student, they have a way to do that. Traditional communications concepts within admissions just didn’t work that way.”

Results: Students using TargetX Schools App are four times more likely to enroll at George Mason

The outcomes for George Mason are impressive.

“Students who join Schools App are about four times more likely to enroll at George Mason than students who don’t use the application,” says Boyce. “For example, 60 percent of students from outside of Virginia (who we yield at a much lower rate) who joined Schools App enrolled at Mason Only 4 percent of students who didn’t join the app did so. We think that speaks volumes.”

One of the reasons why Schools App has been so successful at George Mason is because it allows staff to more efficiently identify, target, and engage with students.

“This product makes my team more efficient because of things like Schools App keyword alerts. Now, we can actually dive into conversations with students based on something that they’ve said. Just one singular keyword, such as ‘scholarships’ or the phrase ‘I’m from California’ can help staff members identify which students to engage with and how. For example, a student having the conversation that ‘she would love to attend our school but doesn’t have enough scholarship dollars’ can be targeted to see if there is a solution.”

George Mason University

The George Mason University at a Glance

  • Located in Fairfax, VA
  • Largest public research university in Virginia
  • Founded as an independent institution in 1972
  • 12 schools and colleges devoted to multiple areas of study
  • Home of the Patriots
  • 34,000 students

TargetX Solutions


The George Mason University needed an online community and student engagement tool that:

  • captures student attention in a robust and customized way;
  • engages the entire George Mason community in the admissions process;
  • is optimized for mobile; and
  • increases student yield

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