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Putting Students First in the Admissions Process–TargetX Launches First Mobile Online Application at Annual CRM Summit in Washington, DC

Jul 20, 2015

PHILADELPHIA, July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TargetX announces its launch of the first mobile college admissions application designed for students during the opening keynote at the annual TargetX CRM Summit in Washington DC, on July 20th. This news follows TargetX’s acquisition of the student-focused mobile and enrollment analytics firm, Uversity.

“I am really proud of the online application that we are launching today, designed with the student in mind,” says Sasha Peterson, CEO of TargetX. “If you truly believe that the student is important, you would never design admissions applications the way that they have been designed in the past and still exist today–primarily with the institution in mind. We turned this outdated, archaic system on its head. We put the student first.”

“We reached out to students, who are often overwhelmed during the application process. What they really want is help and guidance made available where they look most often–their phone,” Peterson adds.

According to EduVentures, 67% of college-bound students use their mobile device in the college application process.

Developed by UX specialists and mobile-first design principles, TargetX’s new Online Application, provides students with an intuitive mobile interface, organizing tools and touchstone engagement while at the same time empowering admissions offices.

“Every page, every interaction a student has with the TargetX Online Application is designed to be mobile. This means much more than just responsive design of the page.  It means the clickstream, the size and placement of the buttons… everything is designed to be done on mobile, or a desktop too” notes Peterson.

For students, TargetX’s mobile online application not only meets them where they look most, their smartphone, it also provides a clear system of support, including easy-to-follow applicant forms that are continually saved for them. Among other features, there is an algorithm to predict how long students have to fill out the application and other benefits.

On top of all the functionality and user experience for students, admissions offices gain a self-service solution, a system that includes:

  • Real-time student data
  • The ability to build, customize and brand the application quickly (hours not days)
  • Fully integrated into TargetX Recruitment CRM, powered by the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce
  • No more data integrations or deduping needed
  • Drag and drop functionality allows admissions offices to build their entire applications with no knowledge of code

“Our online application makes the applicant the priority —creating an engaging experience that begins a successful academic journey.  And puts the power of easy to use tools in their hand to build and maintain applications themselves. Our focus was to build the best app in the market and I think we’ve done that,” says Peterson.

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