No Better Way to Read an Application

After 19 years in the MIT Sloan Admissions office, it is safe to say that I have seen how admissions has evolved and how the technological advancements have enhanced the process for many institutions. The admissions office at MIT Sloan, led by Senior Director of Admissions Rod Garcia, has always been on the cutting edge of admissions technology.

Dirty Word #2: Customer

NOTE: Read my previous blog post about what “I believe” to help put my thoughts below into context. There’s been a long discussion continuing on Eric Hoover’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Education related to the presentation I did this summer at the ACT conference (up to 132 comments as of the writing of this post). 

The hard truth about your CRM

When you’ve been implementing and support CRM solutions as long as we have, you start to see a trend line as to what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes clients don’t want to hear the truth (go ahead, insert movie quote here) but a CRM solution, while being simply a tool, is an important tool to assist you and your team to be more successful and efficient (note that I said “assist” here).

Why we hate salespeople

On the heels of my previous post on sales as a dirty word, this other person’s blog post going back to 2012 still resonates with me – three reasons why we as consumers hate sales people, and what you can do differently: You pretend you’re not selling when you’re selling Going on my belief that the best salespeople are actually great counselors, be clear that you’re trying to help the person, not just take their money (or application fee).  

Dirty Word #1: Sales

NOTE: Read my previous blog post about what “I believe” to help put my thoughts below into context. Out of all of the dirty words, this one seems to invigorate the most commentary. In college admissions, we like to think of ourselves as “counselors” – in fact, we put that in the title of the newbees (those with the least amount of “counseling” experience) then strip that from our titles when we get a raise to some form of a “director”.  

From Student Group to Affinity Group

I love the energy of a campus in the fall! Students are signing up for activities, joining clubs, reconnecting with athletic coaches and teammates, re-engaging their social connections. As we think of the day when these students will be our alumni, we will leverage their affinity to these clubs, groups, and athletics experiences to conduct segmentation and outreach.

I believe.

I believe in the liberal arts education. I believe in the idea of “going away” to college. I believe as much is learned outside the classroom as is learned inside. Living with someone — for some the first time — is an important life lesson that I believe you can’t learn online.
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