UChat Feature Updates: Weekly Reporting, Offline Hours, Improved Notifications

With the recruitment season in high gear, we realize it can be tough to manage priorities and check everything off your list. You’re busy, and we want to make recruiting easier for you. Use UChat Weekly Reports to Make Data-Driven Decisions about Inquiries The new UChat weekly report arrives directly in your inbox and summarizes the most useful and actionable data about prospect activity on your site.

Is this thing on?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the college search process with my daughter, Sarah, by traveling a couple of miles into the City of Brotherly Love for the National College Fair at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  My first encounter with this fair was in 1990 when it was at the former Philadelphia Conference Center and I was a much younger first year admission counselor.  

Amen to “Be the Change You See”

Have you read this article yet? If not, I suggest you do. I came across this post from Susan Grajek (Educause) a few months ago when it first came out, but revisited it post-Educause as our team returned from the conference and many of these themes were highlighted when talking to clients and colleagues from different campuses.


Now that I’m almost done the annual NoelLevitz-to-CRMSummit-to-ACT-to-NACAC-to-Educause-to-Dreamforce tour, I’ve noticed a series of topics that keep cropping up in my conversations: 1/3rd of colleges are thriving, 1/3rd are striving and 1/3rd are struggling.  For those struggling, the annual rotating door of admissions directors occurred at many.

Homecoming Through a Different Lens

It is homecoming time at colleges and universities across the country. Rivalrous football games with savory smelling tailgate culinary efforts are often part of an agenda-packed week on campus. But what if your campus doesn’t have a football team to drive alumni home?

No Better Way to Read an Application

After 19 years in the MIT Sloan Admissions office, it is safe to say that I have seen how admissions has evolved and how the technological advancements have enhanced the process for many institutions. The admissions office at MIT Sloan, led by Senior Director of Admissions Rod Garcia, has always been on the cutting edge of admissions technology.
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