Case Study: TargetX and Cabrini University

Cabrini University Hits Enrollment Goals From Top to Bottom With the Help of TargetX Recruitment Suite

Challenges: The Cabrini team was evolving and needed a CRM to evolve with them

In 2015, Cabrini University experienced a period of transformation and growth, but their existing CRM couldn’t keep up.

Sarah Lasoff, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, explains, “About two years ago, Cabrini found itself in a different place. Our team began doing things with communications that other small schools weren’t doing. Our numbers were great. The problem was that we couldn’t execute on everything we wanted to in our existing system.”

Cabrini’s existing CRM had no built-in application reader, nor did it have a robust tasking system for staff. The team couldn’t read applications on the road or create the dynamic email campaigns they envisioned. They had no way to automate their communications or track open rates. “If we wanted to schedule our emails five days out, we couldn’t,” explains Lasoff. A team that prides itself on flexibility, creativity, and cultivating a personal touch with students felt their existing system was “inflexible.”

Solutions: The TargetX Recruitment Suite empowers Cabrini to do more

Before moving to a new system, the Cabrini team was forced to use multiple outside platforms to do their work, including a separate email provider, Excel for application review, and an ad hoc solution for letter generation. Lasoff says, “I knew something had to exist where everything could be in one place.” Lasoff was right. She found her solution in the TargetX Recruitment Suite — a comprehensive solution to communicate with and engage students, offer a streamlined application process and review tool for students and staff, and manage and analyze student data, all in one place.

Since adopting the TargetX Recruitment Suite a year ago, Lasoff and her team have greater flexibility, automation abilities, reporting options, and customization and communication capabilities — all while feeling supported by the TargetX team.

The Cabrini team now has full control over customizable, trackable, easy-to-create e-mail campaigns that can be automated and dripped whenever they choose—all built into their CRM system. Lasoff says, “We couldn’t automate our communications plan in our previous system at all. In TargetX, that process is seamless. I especially love being able to see who has viewed and interacted with our emails.”

The TargetX Recruitment Suite supports the onthe-go Cabrini staff with a remote application review system and solutions designed for mobile. “Our last solution was not designed for smartphones or tablets. Now, I have the entire TargetX system at my fingertips. When someone calls my cellphone, I jump into the app and pull up that individual’s file. It doesn’t matter if I’m at lunch or a college fair, it’s right there.”

The centralization of student data and the ability to easily parse and digest it into usable reports is a lifechanger for Cabrini, says Lasoff. “Now, we pull and create much more dynamic reports. When higherups want reporting after an Open House, we have it immediately. Our previous reports were standard and stagnant. We couldn’t filter things in and out easily like we can with TargetX,” Lasoff explains.

The Cabrini team is also impressed with the level of customer service they receive from TargetX, particularly the staff’s responsiveness. “When I email TargetX, they answer within 20 minutes, 99 percent of the time,” says Lasoff. “Even at the beginning of the process, it was TargetX who came to campus. The competitors just sent a demo video. When we migrated our data from our previous system to TargetX, the staff walked us through everything we needed to do and made it easy.”

She adds, “We feel a personal connection with TargetX and we’re a school who believes in the power of personal connections.”

Results: With help of the TargetX Recruitment Suite, Cabrini hit enrollment goals from top to bottom

The Cabrini team pride themselves on the individual communications they have with applicants. The adoption of the TargetX Recruitment Suite is helping make those personal touches easier, more frequent, and customized to individual students. As a result of Cabrini’s stellar communications, they are on track to hit all of their enrollment goals.

Lasoff says, “Particularly in this congested Philadelphia market, TargetX allows a small school like ours to hit enrollment goals from top to bottom by providing the communications tools necessary to get us there.”

Cabrini University

Cabrini University at a Glance

  • Founded in 1957
  • A private, Roman Catholic, liberal arts university
  • Serves 1,400 undergraduate and 850 graduate students
  • Located in Radnor Township, PA
  • Home of the Falcons

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Cabrini University needed a recruitment solution that:

  • is flexible, expandable, and customizable; is built for mobile;
  • has a remote application review system;
  • offers robust email campaigns that support automation and tracking;
  • provides centralized data reporting and letter generation; and
  • has responsive and supportive customer service.

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