By: Josh Neuman, Product Manager

& Dr. Joshua Schwartz, Director of Product Marketing


At last year’s TargetX Summit we launched the TargetX Cohort Based Success Scores as part of our Retention and Community College Suites. Now, it’s conveniently visible in our Student Success Center!

This enhanced accessibility comes just in time to help your institution ensure the success of underserved students at a crucial time in their educational journey — and potentially benefit from the influx of pandemic-relief money allocated to schools serving them.

TargetX Cohort Based Success Scores empowers advisors at your institution to easily identify at-risk students and direct their efforts to improve retention and student success in a timely, proactive manner. By enabling schools to track and report the progress of various cohorts, Cohort Based Success Scores also helps make it possible to determine whether your institution may qualify for additional funding.

So, how does Cohort Based Success Scores work? Here’s the quick 101 mini-course!


How does Cohort-based Success Scores work?

Every student starts with a score of 100. When a risk factor is evident for a student, points are deducted. Students with a score of 76-100, for example, are defined as “Likely to Persist” and color-coded green on the platform. Students with a score of 25 or lower are “at risk” and color-coded red. Cohort Scores can be configured based upon several categories of data, including Academic, Engagement, Financial, Demographic and Behavioral indicators.

This process is based on best practices that are informed by a large body of available research as well as inputs from our partner schools — ranging from Community Colleges to large research universities.


How Cohort Based Success Scores benefits schools

Other success scores evaluate all students with the same set of criteria. Yet different cohorts of students may require different criteria for scoring. TargetX Cohort Based Success Scores let you to score different cohorts with different sets of criteria.

TargetX Cohort Based Success Scores also empower advisors by providing drill-down risk factors behind a score so they can have more meaningful conversations with the students. With TargetX Cohort Based Success Scores, you can:

  • Create and manage up to 100 unique cohorts in the TargetX Builder.
  • Use different criteria for scoring cohorts based on your target populations, such as First Generation Students, STEM Majors, Underserved Student Populations and Adult Students.
  • View a detailed breakdown of risk factors affecting a student’s score.
  • Run reports on cohorts and scores.
  • Send Faculty Alerts.


More on Faculty Alerts

The minute a Faculty Alert is issued, your institution is able to track at-risk students and identify the interventions taken to support their success. On the flip side, our data can also show if the use of “kudos” is encouraging students and providing them additional confidence to be successful. Potential alerts and kudos include: “Academic Performance Early Alert,” “Unsatisfactory Attendance” and “Excellent Work.”

Cohort Based Success Scores is free for TargetX Retention and Community College Suite clients at no additional cost. To learn more, watch our one-minute overview here, and view the full demo here.