The 2018 Social Admissions Report

Uncover some of the findings from this year’s report with our partners at NRCCUA

Algorithms, Apps, and Attribution in Higher Ed

Today, using the right channels and attributing tangible enrollment outcomes to digital marketing and social media has become a necessity for institutions to stand out.

According to our findings from this year’s Social Admissions Report, students rate social media among the least trusted sources of information for their college search. If students are becoming skeptical of information shared via social channels, institutions need to respond by fine-tuning their digital admissions marketing tactics. Learn more as we discuss insights and results from the 2018 Social Admissions Report with our friends at NRCCUA.

Topics covered:

  • The impact of ‘fake news’ and Cambridge Analytica on college admissions
  • Dramatic shifts in students’ social media use for college research
  • Platforms that are most trusted by students and proven effective for institutions

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