Data As An Asset: Creating a Data-Driven Culture in Higher Ed

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions On Campus Today

Universities collect more data every year, but how much attention goes into the cultural changes required for departments and staff to leverage those findings?

In this webinar, George Mason University’s VP of Enrollment Management, David Burge, joins us to discuss how they’ve evolved to view data as a treasured asset, and how they managed the growing pains along the way.

What you’ll learn:

  • How George Mason University manages its data assets to drive student outcomes
  • Examples of how cross-campus partnerships were established to get stakeholder support
  • A model for data governance to ensure that a push for data standardization is tempered with common sense.


  • David Burge, VP of Enrollment, George Mason University
  • Kevin Butts, VP of Product, TargetX

Watch The Webinar Recording