Meet Dara Corrato


Dara Corrato is a Client Success Manager in TargetX’s Philadelphia office. As a CSM she acts as the main point of contact for our clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of their TargetX products. We sat down with Dara to learn more about her work experience before TargetX and what her role as a Client Success Manager entails. 



1. What’s your background before TargetX?

I began my higher education career at a young age. I had the opportunity to work in an Undergraduate Admission office when I was high school (Thanks Mom for working at a University) 🙂 Throughout my high school and college years, I kept the part-time job in Admissions. I quickly learned the SIS and went from stuffing envelopes to data entry. I then progressed to learning the application process. After college, I did some temp work at the same University — first with the Registrar, then in the Residences Life offices. I went to work in the corporate world for a few years, but ultimately found my way back to higher education. I worked full-time in the same Undergraduate Admissions office where I started stuffing envelopes years before. I had a variety of roles during my 5 years there. While I loved working on a university campus and my Admissions job, I needed more technology in my life. Luckily for me, I found a home at TargetX.

2. What are your main responsibilities at TargetX?

April 30, 2017 is my 10 year TargetX-iversary! I’ve had many titles in the past 10 years, however I have always been in a Support/Training/Client Services roll. I pride myself in providing the best level of support and success to our clients. My current position is a Client Success Manager. As a CSM, I proactively monitor the health of our clients and collaborate with our Product & Technology teams to ensure client needs are being met. I serve as a client’s main point of contact to help facilitate any needs they may have.

3. What’s your favorite TargetX Product?

While I see value in all of our products, I would have to choose Events as my favorite! If you’ve ever gone through one of my trainings you have likely heard me tell stories of my time in Admissions and how we (tried to) manage events. I frequently say, “Gone are the days of highlighting names on spreadsheets!” Events lets you promote your school and engage students. There is nothing like getting a prospective student to campus! Present your school in its best light and utilize the features and functionality of Events and show the students why they want to visit your school.

4. Do you have a quick tip or trick we can share with the group?

To stick with Events, my quick tip would be add an asterisk (*) to the filter box to show all registrants (the default view is 50) and use your browser Control/Command F (Find) to search by last name to mark attendance. Bonus tip – don’t forget to set up Reminder and Thank You emails for your Events. Reminders can also be sent via SMS (text messaging)!


Thanks Dara for sharing your story! 

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