Meet Kristi Kooyman

Kristi Kooyman is a Senior Project Manager at TargetX and works out of our Oakland, CA office. We sat down with Kristi this month to learn more about her higher ed experience before TargetX and what her role as a Project Manager entails. 


1. What’s your background before TargetX?

Prior to TargetX I worked for The College Board, where I was in charge of CRM training for clients in implementation, and I coordinated the annual User Group Conference. I came to The College Board from Colorado College, where I managed admissions operations and oversaw CRM administration. I began my higher ed career at my alma mater, Cottey College.

2. What are your main responsibilities at TargetX?

I’m a project manager for implementations. I generally describe this role in one of two ways… 1) I steer the ship, to make sure the project goes as planned and we reach the end of the journey successfully; or 2) I’m a professional nag. 🙂

3. What’s your favorite TargetX Product?

I’d probably have to say Events. Our new (relatively speaking!) Events interface is so attractive and intuitive for students, and all the automations built into the Events management process are fantastic. Having managed a lot of big events in my admissions days, the way our tool really facilitates a “hands-off” approach is invaluable. Goodbye ugly spreadsheets!

4. Do you have a quick tip or trick we can share with the group?

I’m a huge fan of shortcuts in general when I’m working – I can’t stand making an extra click or keystroke if it’s not necessary. Every once in a while I find a client who still doesn’t know about the Quick Access Menu. If you hate navigating the setup menu to find the object you need to edit or create a new field on, just open up a record in that object, and look for the little blue arrow on the right side of your screen. From there you can view fields, edit layouts, see record types, etc. I also live and die by the quick search at the top of the Setup menu. Just start typing and it will find what you need — no need to expand topics until you find the right one! I have to offer one more, because I’ve seen too many clients scroll all over the ‘Edit Profile’ screen looking for a specific permission. Ctrl-F works everywhere in Salesforce!


Thank you Kristi for sharing your story! 

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