Meet Shalese Cordon

Shalese Cordon is an Implementation Consultant at TargetX and works out of our Philadelphia, PA office. We sat down with Shalese this month to learn more about her higher ed experience before TargetX and what her role as an Implementation Consultant entails. 


1. What’s your background before TargetX?

Prior to TargetX I worked in higher education for 11 years. During that time I went through several implementations of CRM’s. The last CRM I implemented was That is when I realized I loved the technology side of Higher Education and wanted to assist others in implementing CRM’s to help schools work smarter not harder.

2. What are your main responsibilities at TargetX?

As an Implementation Consultant, my main responsibilities at TargetX are sharing best practices for using the TargetX Product Suites, answering questions on how the products work, teaching admins how to build the TargetX Application, and collecting requirements for the Application Review tool.

3. What’s your favorite TargetX Product?

My favorite TargetX Product would be the TargetX Application. I love that it puts the power in the hands of the Admissions Team. You can make the changes when it works best for your department instead of a time we define. I also love that although it benefits the admissions office, it is so easy for students to use and access on their mobile devices that it doesn’t prove to be a roadblock to students finishing applications!

4. Do you have a quick tip or trick we can share with the group?

Challenge the Status Quo! Ask the questions why do we do this? Do we still need this? Do we use this information? Collect the information you use, ask for things you need, and get rid of the rest! Most of all, keep the student front of mind.


Thank you Shalese for sharing your story! 

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