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Vinu has been at TargetX for almost two years, and works remotely in Albany, NY. As a Virtual Admin Consultant he helps some of our clients manage their CRM and ensures that they are getting the most out of their TargetX products. We asked Vinu to share some insight on his experience before TargetX and some more information on the work he does on a day-to-day basis. 



1. Tell us about your background before TargetX?

I was lucky enough to get a job shortly after graduating college working as the Coordinator of Admission Information Systems for The Sage Colleges in Albany, NY. The role had been open for quite a bit because the director hiring for the role was looking for someone with the right background but not too much experience. Enter Bryan Lester ( the aforementioned director and current Software Engineer at TargetX) and his propensity to handle matters in his own way. He was posting for this position on all of the local college career sites hoping to get a rookie in the field instead of leaving it to Sage’s HR Office to recruit, and decided I would be a good fit! Fast forward 2.5 years later and Bryan decided that TargetX was a great opportunity for him, so I stepped in as Sage’s new Director of Enrollment Management and Admission Processing/Salesforce Administrator. Fast forward another 2.5 years and that Bryan guy just won’t leave me alone, so he set me up with an interview to work at TargetX!

2. What are your main responsibilities at TargetX?

I’m a Virtual Admin Services (VAS) Consultant, which is one of our newer service offerings. We provide admin services to our contracted customers via regular consultations, weekly or bi-monthly check ins, and working sessions to help them use TargetX and Salesforce to their full potential while immersing ourselves in the customer’s business processes. We become an extension of their campus and create a real bond between TargetX and the customer. While our goal is help them become proficient in managing their own CRM’s, we love our long term and returning customers!

3. What’s your favorite TargetX Product?

I’m a big fan of our Salesforce native Online Application! I’ve worked with many of our customers in setting up the package during my early Implementation Consultant days and now I help our customers maintain it via VAS. There’re a lot of happy moments in working with customers and empowering them to make changes on the fly or react immediately to their constituents when changes or enhancements to their application are needed.

4. Do you have a quick tip or trick we can share with the group?

Not sure if this is a tip or trick, but I like to keep track of those little bits of information that you don’t need access to all of the time as a Gmail Task item. If you’re in Gmail and click on the red ‘Mail’ dropdown along the top-left, you should see an option to select ‘Tasks’ which should pop open a little window in the bottom-right of your browser window. I’ll just jot down random things that I need down the line or somewhat regularly, like the Event Specific Registration URL when setting up a customer with Events, FormAssembly redirect URL for event forms or the password to the Email PHP page. It’s already baked into Gmail, which is where I’m logged into all day, so it’s also convenient.



Thanks to Vinu for sharing his story!

If you’d like to learn more about our Virtual Admin Services, reach out and we’ll get you connected with an account executive!

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