Q&A with Client Services

There have been a lot of exciting changes for the Client Services team over the past year, including new team member and Vice President for Services, Mark MacDonald.

We sat down with Mark for a quick chat to find out about some of the “latest and greatest” happening among the team and how it can benefit our client community.


Q: You recently launched the new Xcelerate implementation methodology. How does this approach benefit new clients?

A: TargetX is an innovative company that is always looking for ways to improve our technologies and how we bring our solutions to market faster and more efficiently for schools.  The launch of the Xcelerate methodology takes the best practices from the hundreds of successful TargetX implementations but also now incorporates standard practices from across the technology industry for faster and more efficient deployments.

Clients that go through the Xcelerate methodology will have a designated project team that owns the success of their implementation with continuity from start to completion of implementation that bring a wealth of experience in both TargetX implementations as well as the industry challenges of higher education.  That project team will have very focused on-site, hands-on workshops to work through system configuration with our customers as well as enablement activities to drive optimal usage and adoption at the time of launch.

Finally, since we have the experience of so many implementations across the industry, we are in the best position to both default configurations and recommend the best usage of the platform so that so our customers can direct their focus on the launch and adoption across their institution.

Q: The TargetX Summit is coming up June 25-27 in Chicago, Il. How does the Services team engage clients at this event?

A: The Client Services team interacts with all of our customers on a daily basis in so many different ways and the Summit is no exception to that. Right now our Client Services team members are extending invitations every day to our customers and each team member will be proactively asking each customer how we can make the Summit an optimal experience. Some of the examples of how we can help are:  aligning the best agenda for sessions; coordinating meetings with product leadership, coordinating meetings with executive leadership, reserving time with TargetX experts at our Xpert Assist Lounge, identifying training sessions taking place at the beginning of the Summit, or any other unique request to enhance our customers experiences.

We view the Client Services team as ambassadors for making sure our customers have the best experience possible so every client should feel free to reach out to us in advance or during the Summit with any request that we can help with!

Q: What else can we expect from the Services team in 2017?

A: In all aspects of our Client Services department we are striving to improve not just our processes but are striving for improvement down to each individual interaction.  Apart from the improvements we have made in Implementation with the Xcelerate methodology, the other areas of focus for us in 2017 are both Client Success and Adoption Services.

We have brought on Danielle Pizza to lead our Client Success and Support team to ensure that we are not only providing excellent customer service when our clients call us for help but to also make sure that we are proactively interacting with our customers to ensure they are getting the optimal use out of our platform and have the right voice in improving our solutions over the longer term.

We have also named Christine Kensey to lead the Adoption Services team which will focus on offering training certifications, enablement programs and materials, and premium support options to better address the needs of all of the schools we support.

We are very excited about the significant enhancements to Services and building an even stronger community with the help of our clients!

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