Required Reading: Understanding today’s part-time student

American college students are changing. Did you know that 37% of the undergraduate population is now made up of part-time students? These students are oftentimes older, balancing families and finances, and working while pursuing their education. And our required reading this week will help you understand them a little bit better.

The Center for American Progress article “Hidden in Plain Sight” provides an excellent summary of this audience: who they are, the challenges they face, and what institutions can do to serve them more effectively as they persist.

And more information on this population (a population which is expected to grow by 18% between through 2023, compared to 14% for full time students) is coming. The article states that the federal U.S. Department of Education is collecting new insight about where part-time students are most likely to succeed or fail by collecting graduation rates from colleges and universities.

Read the full article here from the Center for American Progress, hear current part-time student stories, and see stats on how they differ from the traditional undergraduate student.

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