Recruitment Suite

Empower your institution to improve the recruitment process and increase enrollment with our comprehensive CRM solution. Transform enrollment management and drive admissions productivity with intuitive, higher ed-focused functionality in the following areas.


Recruit prospects with the right messaging and cultivate relationships through tailored email campaigns, text messaging, and a live chat feature for your school’s website.


Facilitate purposeful connections with students by linking them with peers and staff through Schools App - an interactive mobile community, conducting seamless event registration and personalizing the student experience with an integrated portal.


Transition prospects to applicants with a modern, customizable online application that integrates with Common App and generates a sleek dashboard of actionable checklist items and application status history.


Accept best-fit applicants with an application review tool that aligns with your institution’s current admissions process and features functionality like application scoring and automated reviewer assignments.


Enable staff to reduce time spent on administrative activities and focus on deepening relationships with prospective students through automated triggers for better pipeline management, territory assignment and travel planning tools, and workflow automation.


Empower your staff to make actionable, data-driven recruitment and enrollment decisions with customizable reporting and assign value to student interactions with prospect scorecards.


Access and share key data points from your school’s SIS and other related systems in a way that requires minimal effort but ensures maximum security. Learn more about our partnerships and integrations here.