Retention Suite

Renew your school’s focus on student success by providing a more personalized student experience with our all-in-one Retention CRM solution. Motivate lifelong success and delight students with robust tools in the following areas.


Enable staff to easily identify and track at-risk students with a collaborative dashboard, reducing time spent on cumbersome administrative activities.


Develop high-touch communication plans to aid in early intervention and increase persistence rates amongst your student population.


Create a vibrant student community with Schools App - an interactive mobile application that connects students with one another and encourages interaction with your institution's staff.


Translate student data from your school’s SIS and other systems into insights that will support and engage students. Learn more about our partnerships and integrations here.


Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your current retention strategies, while preparing for the future by building predictive models of student behavior that are unique to your school.

Real Results at Real Institutions


Averett University

Find out how Averett University implemented the TargetX Retention Suite and saw an impressive increase in freshman retention rates from 57% to 71% in their first year live. Read more