TargetX In Action: C.T. Bauer College of Business

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The University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business, founded in 1942, is ranked among the top business schools in the United States. Dalia Pineda, Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment at the Bauer College of Business tells us how they’re using the TargetX Recruitment Suite to help their non-traditional students succeed in earning their degrees.

Q: How have TargetX’s solutions changed the way you communicate with prospects?
A: The combination of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the reporting capabilities in TargetX have greatly improved our communications with our prospects. We are able to act quickly and identify prospects throughout the process who have specific needs and respond appropriately. As we move forward and focus on segmenting more, we’ll learn more about our prospects and communicate with them accordingly. You cannot sing enough praises for a system that provides you real time, correct information from many dimensions—it creates the opportunity to communicate individually and address needs more quickly.

Q: What impact has TargetX had on your internal processes?
A: We were focused mostly on internal processes. We were a couple of years into having integrated our admissions, marketing and recruitment staff, and we needed a system that linked to all of our processes and could measure our success as a team. The focus was to integrate for improved reporting, tracking and event management. We decided to go with TargetX because we did not have the internal IT knowledge and time to devote to building a custom system (speaking with 3rd party vendors, not having long term technical support, etc.).

Besides the efficient reporting we’ve discussed above, it has reduced the time that our staff spends on certain tasks. Our financial aid advisor can literally run a scholarship report across all of our MBA and MS programs in minutes, vs. the hour it used to take her before. Likewise, communication within the team has improved—there is a natural cross-functional training that takes place when the admissions coordinator understands what the recruiter sees and why it is important, and when the marketing coordinator understands why this particular field is so important to the recruiter and how that can impact communication campaigns in the email tool.  It really does create a stronger team.

With that said, and in recent conversations with other schools and teams—it is important to have as strong an organizational structure as you possibly can prior to an implementation, because there will be challenges that will stretch even the strongest team.

Q: What’s next for your team? How do you hope to expand or build on your use of TargetX’s solutions?
A:We’d like to maximize and expand our use of the system by focusing on segmentation, more robust reporting and therefore monitor prospect behavior more closely. We are also focusing on stronger succession planning and cross training within the team. We’re now focusing on full TargetX training as well as Salesforce Marketing Cloud training for more team members.


Dalia Pineda
C.T. Bauer College of Business

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