Travel Tips & Tricks: Flying

Travel season is BACK!

And we’re here to help you prepare for a successful next couple of months! We’re sharing some travel tips and advice from X-er’s who spend time on the road all year long. This week, we’re talking about FLYING.


FlightAware App

FlightAware is a mobile flight tracking app that provides free tracking and status updates about your flight. According to TargetX’s Director of Solutions Consulting, Dennis Moloney, FlightAware often has the most up-to-date information for your incoming flight — sometimes better than your airline.


Selecting Your Seat

After purchasing your ticket, it can be hard to reserve a seat on the plane, let alone the seat you want. Usually all the good seats are taken or are marked “premium” and an extra cost—no one wants the middle seat! If you’re flying Virgin America, wait until exactly 24 hours before your flight—they open up premium seats to anyone at no cost on their online check-in page. Thanks to TargetX Developer, Steve Fisher, for this tip—now you can snag a great seat without it costing a thing!

If, however, you are able to select any seat on the airplane, book an aisle seat. Standing up and stretching your legs on your flight is super important! Trust us, there are health benefits.


Things to Do

There’s nothing worse than a long flight with absolutely nothing to do. Listening to music can get boring very quickly. We recommend podcasts! Podcasts are a great way to relax, if you aren’t a fan of watching movies on your flight. Don’t have a wifi connection on your flight? No worries! Download your podcast episodes before your flight and you’ll be able to listen data- and wifi-free!


Flight Must-Haves

Neck pillows are the actual worst. Do they even work for anyone? Instead of buying a neck pillow that you’re just going to stuff in your carry-on, Leah Knapp, TargetX Training Specialist, recommends buying a memory foam mini-pillow. Fold the pillow between your shoulders and ear for real support! Sweet dreams!

Leah also recommends bringing your own water bottle to fill up at the water stations. Bottles of water can cost you an arm and a leg once you’re past security, so this will save you money and ensure you stay hydrated.


Unwritten Rules

And if you aren’t as frequent of a flyer as your colleagues, or this is your very first travel season, there are few unwritten rules you need to know about. Check out Thrillist’s article, “The 21 Unwritten Rules of Flying You’re Probably Breaking”.


Good luck this travel season! And stay tuned for next week—we’ll be sharing tips on booking hotels and advice when it comes to shelter on the road.

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