Travel Tips & Tricks: Gadgets

Okay — so you’ve booked your flight using our super helpful tips and tricks. Now, what kind of gadgets and tools can you use to make your travel even smoother? Here’s what a few X’ers had to say:


Amazon Video / Music

Did you know that Amazon Video and Amazon Music are both free to Prime members? Pretty cool, huh? Videos and music can be downloaded to your mobile device so you don’t need a wifi connection. And in relation to downloading videos, check out your Netflix account too! You are able to download select TV shows and movies to your device. Thanks to TargetX VP of Product, Colby Lavin, for this helpful tip!



Mophie is a technology company that builds accessories for smartphones and other devices. TargetX Accounts Receivable Specialist, Jimmy Story, swears by his Mophie Battery Phone Case. This phone case doubles the battery life of your phone. You essentially charge the “juice pack” as well as the phone at the same time — no need to remove the case! When your phone battery dies, you just turn on your Mophie case and it recharges you back to 100%!



No more searching emails for flight times, addresses, or confirmation numbers! TripIt is your new best friend. TargetX Project Manager, Kristi Kooyman, uses this app to stay organized when she’s traveling the country. All you have to do is forward your confirmations to one email address and everything you need for flights, trains, rental cars, hotels, etc. is all in one place! This app is super easy to use and can even provide you directions, nearby restaurants, and amenities. You can also choose to display your TripIt events on your iPhone calendar and share trips with family members or fellow travelers!


Travel Humidifier

Hotels can crank up the heat or air so high that sometimes it’s difficult to breathe or even get a good night sleep! TargetX Client Success Manager, Jessie Cevetello, purchased her own travel humidifier and she says it has saved her life — it makes a huge difference in her hotel rooms.


Small Accessories

A few smaller items that are worth the investment are:

Noise Canceling Headphones — TargetX Project Manager, Drew Hart, uses these all the time to get rid of any background noise or distractions that comes out of a people-filled environment.

Compression Packing Cubes — Nicole Shannon, TargetX Training Specialist, uses these whenever she travels! All you need to do is fill up bags with clothes and compress them down to fit into smaller bags. These save so much space and keeps your luggage organized!

Portable Power Bank — TargetX Account Executive, Katie Doviak, can’t live without her portable power bank! Only $25 on Amazon, it can recharge a phone or iPad at least three times and is the same size as a phone. You can be stuck in an airport, car, or on the phone and always have power even when there isn’t an outlet.


Introducing: TargetX Travel Planner

We have our own great travel gadget new in the TargetX Recruitment Suite. Have you heard about our newest feature, TargetX Travel Planner? As part of our August ‘17 release, this allows recruiters to build trip itineraries to include school visits, student appointments and other events, and records notes from the trip while on the road.

You can watch a demo of the new TargetX Travel Planner on our product release page.

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