Breaking Through the Social Media Noise to Retain Students—The Western Kentucky University Story

Social media is a noisy place. Busy newsfeeds deliver competing messages. It can be a frustrating environment for enrollment professionals trying to break through the din to communicate effectively with students.

In 2008, Dr. Corie Martin, director of web services and digital marketing at Western Kentucky University (WKU), found herself in this exact position. Social media was a new recruiting frontier and her ‘Class of’ Facebook group was becoming chaotic as it grew in number. Student questions were getting lost in the shuffle and bad behavior was difficult to moderate.

Martin needed a customized online community, one that maintained the familiarity and user-friendliness of established mobile networks (e.g., Facebook), but eliminated distractions, advertisements, and non-members. She required a solution for easy communication—between her team and students, and student to student—that nurtured a community that welcomed students, and ultimately, retained them at WKU.

Read about how Western Kentucky University’s discovery and adoption of TargetX’s Schools App led to high-touch customer service that differentiated WKU, enhanced student engagement, and significantly increased freshman retention rates.

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